Top 4 Way To Access Blocked Websites [With/Without Proxy, With VPN]

4 Ways: In this Article we will tell you how you can access any blocked website, in your School, Collge, Office or Geo-Based Access Blocked, With or Without Proxy Server, Using VPN Account, Downloading VPN Software & A Google Chrome Extension-‘HOLA’.

Some Websites are blocked for various reasons, it can be in School, Collge, office or it can be Geobased location. For accessing these websites, the basic concept used is by blocking the IP Address for a particular Area or location. So, if we able to change IP address or able to access by using other IP address, then Who can Stop us to access any website. There are various ways using which you can access blocked websites and surf the web anonymously.

Here, we will discuss the 4 Different and Simple ways for accessing the Blocked Websites. These can be broadly divided into Two Category:

A) Without Downloading Anything
1. Traditional Way: Using Proxy Servers
2. By Setting Up A FREE VPN Server Account: VPNBOOK

B) By Downloading Tool/Extension
3. Downloading FREE VPN Tools
(i) HotSpot Shield – FREE Secure & Private VPN
(ii) TunnerBear – Secure VPN Service
4. Google Chrome Extension:’HOLA’- Unlimited FREE VPN


Let’s take a look, on each 4 methods one-by-one. All the methods will be explained here Graphically as well as Live Video Tutorial. Also  Complete Live Video Tutorial is attached at the End of this Article.

Watch Complete Live Video Tutorial

Read all 4 Methods in Slider attached below, Use Drop Down, Next & Back:

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1 Using Proxy Servers  

Accessing blocked website, using any proxy server is the simplest & quickest way. There are a lot of Proxy server sites available, which provides you the facility to access any website from the server of different-different Country.

For Example one Proxy Server Website:, Here on the landing Page, you just enter the Web address of the Website and access it instantly. Refer Below GIF Image

As you can see in above Image No.3, Server of “Netherland” selected, which is used to access Blocked website “Extratorrent”, on which ‘IP address& Location” is shown of “Netherland”.

2 By Setting Up A FREE VPN Server Account: VPNBOOK

VPNBOOK provides FREE VPN (Virtual Private Network) Server, which is designed with latest technologies and most advanced cryptographic Techniques to keep its users safe over the Internet from Govt. Censorship, Corporate Surveillance & Monitoring your ISP.

It provides Free and Secure service of PPTP & OpenVPN for everyone. So, Here we will explain how to Set Up Free PPTP VPN account. Just Follow the Steps:

Step 1. Visit VPNBOOK and on the landing page, go to Tab name “PPTP” as shown in Image No. 2 of below GIF Image.

Step 2. Here you will get the List of Servers and Username & Password details. Copy any of the Server, like in this case, we copied “Server#3;” also copy Username:“vpnbook” and given password.

If you Don’t know, How To Copy Paste Multiple Items At A Time, Click Here to Read.

Step 3. Now, Right Click on “Wifi” Tray Icon on the Taskbar and go to “Open Networking & Sharing Center”.

Step 4. In this Under “Change Your Networking Settings”, Go to “Set Up A New Connection or Network” –> in next window “Connect To A Workplace” –> Select “Use My Internet Connection (VPN)” in the next window.

Step 5. Now, Paste the Copied Server Address, in “Internet Address” Field and you can have any name in the “Destination Name” field. Click on “Next”.

Step 6. In next window, type your username & password, copied from the VPNBOOK – PPTP page and click on “Connect” button. It will start verifying the username & password from the server and connection will be established.

Step 7. Again go to “Wifi” Tray Icon on Taskbar, you will get an Active “VPN” with Internet access. Now, Visit any blocked website, as in this case, “” is successfully opened.

3 Downloading FREE VPN Tools  

There are a lot of FREE VPN tools/software available on the Web. we here listed 3 most used tools:
        (i) HotSpot Shield – FREE Secure & Private VPN
        (ii) TunnerBear – Secure VPN Service

Download, these Tools from their official website, Click on the listed tool above to open official website. After, installation, open and “ON” the VPN functionality, as shown in below Image No.6 for “HotSpot Shield”. You can set the country from which server you want to access the blocked websites.

4 Google Chrome Extension:’HOLA’- Unlimited FREE VPN

“Hola” is a free & Secure VPN. It provides ad-free VPN proxy service that provides its users a faster & more open Web World. Is is very easy & simple to use. Steps are straightforward, as given below:

Step 1: Just Click Here, and add this extension in your browser.

Step 2: One “Hola” icon will be created on the URL/Address Bar. click on the icon and ON it.

Step 3: Open a New Tab and Enter the Website URL, now go to Hola Icon and Select the Country from which server, you want to visit that website.

Step 4: In this fashion, you can visit a particular website using particular Server on a single Tab. This setting will not automatically apply to other Tabs of the Browser.

Step 5: As In this case, we are visiting “Extratorrent” with a “USA” server, you can check the IP Address & Location Shown on the Extratorrent Site Webpage is of USA.

Step 6: Use it & Enjoy :-)


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