If you have important data with your Gmail Account then this is a must-read article for you. Whether it is personal or professional data, it must be very important for you as it contains your hard work of many years. Many of us keep our personal or business information in Gmail account and losing these data, could be quite costly for you.

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Here, you will get 3 simple and easy way to backup all your Gmail Account data without using any third party addon. If you google for Gmail Backup then you will get a lot of third-party Gmail Addon or utilities, which we would not suggest you, as we have 3 other way to BackUp all your Gmail Data. Let’s check out:

3 Simple Ways to Backup all your Gmail Account

Google gives you various option through which you can easily backup all your Gmail data. So, here the following 3 methods we gonna use to backup Gmail account: 

  1. Backup All your Gmail Data to your PC Hard Drive
  2. Create a Backup of all Gmail Emails/Contacts to another Email Id (Gmail, Yahoo etc.)
  3. Sync Your Gmail Account with Email Clients e.g. Outlook, Thunderbird etc.

As there are the most appropriate ways to have a copy of all Gmail data with you.  

#1. Backup All your Gmail Data to your PC Hard Drive

Google allows you to create an archive & download of all your data associated with your Google Account with ‘Google Takeout’ option. 

You have to simply visit ‘Google Takeout’ URL and select the Google Products (including Gmail) to create a custom archive and then get the Download Link of this data on your email or you can save it to Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive directly.

A separate detailed guide has been made, just refer here to get full step by step guide:

Google Takeout: Download All Your Google Data  

Google Takeout Dowload all Google Data in email Archive

#2. Create a Backup of all Gmail Emails/Contacts to another Email Id

This is another way to create a backup of Gmail account. In this method, we will simply copy or transfer all emails from one Gmail account to another Email account. The best thing about this method is that this can be done in just a couple of steps.

This can be done from ‘Import Email & Contacts’ option available in Gmail Settings. You have to log in to the email account to which you want to transfer all emails & contacts. In the recipient email id, you will get a new label consisting of same folder (Inbox, Draft, sent etc.) structure.

Get here full detailed step by step Guide:

How To Move/Copy Emails from One Gmail Account To Another

Migrate Emails from one Gmail account to another Gmail account

#3. Sync Your Gmail Account with Email Clients e.g. Outlook

It’s a real-time solution to create a backup of Your Gmail account on your system using email clients like Outlook. Once you configured your Gmail account with any email client, time to time it will automatically sync with your Gmail account and can access these data even if internet connectivity is not available.

This is a two-step process. First, you have to enable IMAP service from your Gmail Settings and Second, add an account in Outlook or any other email client with your Gmail account credentials.

Get Here Full Step-by-Step Guide:

How To Sync Gmail With Microsoft Outlook [Easy Steps]

Sync Gmail With Outlook Enable IMAP Gmail

Now you know 3 best and simple methods to backup all your Gmail account on to your System or another email id. You can also use third-party utilities like: Unsafe, Spinbackup, Gmvault Backup etc to create a backup. Share this articles to help others. Also, share which method or way you like the most in the comments.

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