Instagram Reels is a feature for its users who want to upload Short videos like other social network applications viz. Facebook, TikTok, and many others. sometimes you may require old reels to be archived or hide from your Instagram profiles, but this option is not available for now on Instagram. So, How can you archive or hide your Instagram Reels Video?

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Unlike Instagram posts and Stories, you can not archive or hide your Instagram Reels video. But there is a way around for the same. Let’s check out in detail how to hide or kind of archive Instagram Reels?

How to Temporarily Hide Instagram Reels

Yes, as there is no direct option provided to archive or hide Instagram reels, here we are going to tell you a way around temporarily hiding your Instagram Reels from your Instagram Profile.

For this, you have to remove or delete the Instagram Reels that you want to hide from your Instagram Profile, and later if you want to recover these deleted reels, then you can recover them within 30 days time period only. So, let’s start with a detailed step-by-step procedure.

1. Delete Instagram Reels

Many of you may already know how to delete Instagram Reels. If you don’t know, then follow the step by step process as given below:-

Step 1: First Open Instagram App on your smartphone and log in to your account.

Step 2: Now go to the Profile menu with the profile photo icon at the bottom bar.

Step 3: From here just tap on the ‘Reels’ option.

Step 4: Here you can select the Reels Video that you want to delete. After selecting the Reels, tap on the three dots icon at the bottom and tap on the ‘Option’ button. From here, a pop-up menu get appears, then just tap on ‘Delete’.

That’s it. It’s really a very simple procedure.

Hence, once you have the Instagram Reels, these Instagram Reels will not be visible to your Instagram Reels page. So, others can not see these deleted Instagram Reels.

Now, in case, later you want to view or access these deleted Instagram Reels, then you can get these from the recently deleted menu, in your Instagram Profile. Let’s check out how can we get back the deleted Instagram Reels?

2. Recover or Get back Deleted Instagram Reels

Like, your other deleted Instagram content, you can recover the deleted Instagram Reels, within 30 days from the deletion date. After 30 days, it will be removed permanently from your account.

If you want to have those Instagram reels in later also, then you can recover them on the 29th day and again delete them, so that these deleted Reels will be again in the ‘Recently Deleted’ menu.

For now, just follow the step-by-step procedure to recover Deleted Instagram Reels, as given below:-

Step 1: Go to your Instagram profile page and from the ‘three dots’ icon, go with the ‘Options’ Menu.

Step 2: Now just tap on ‘Your Activity Menu’ from the pop-up menu.

Step 3: Now, go with the ‘Recently Deleted’ option. Here if you want to recover the deleted ‘Reels’, then go with ‘Reels’ Tabl and look for the video that you want to recover.

That’s it. So, in this way you can recover your all 30 days old deleted data on Instagram.

In this way, using the above-mentioned way around you can hide your Instagram Reels from your Instagram account from others and can recover them whenever you want. Be-remember the 30 days period of deletion, as after that you would not be able to recover your deleted data.