We generally use WhatsApp to send instant Messages, Images, Documents  In some of the scenario, if anyone asks you to send a WhatsApp message and the mobile number of that person is not saved in your device, then first you have to save that contact into your device. So, Is there any way to send a WhatsApp Message without Saving Mobile Number?

Top Tricks/Hacks:

YES, You can easily send WhatsApp messages without saving Mobile Number using a wonderful App: Click2Chat. Alongwith this feature, it has many others useful features. Let’s check out in detail, how we can send WhatsApp message Without saving a Contact | Mobile Number in our Android Device?

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Send WhatsApp Message Without Saving Mobile Number

Click2Chat app is an absolutely free app and works without the Internet as well. The best part of this app is that you don’t require to Root your device, that means this app works well with Non-rooted device also. Apart from this feature, it have many other following features:

  • In-Built Cleaner.
  • One click send option.
  • Schedule Messages to send later.
  • One Click Download Stories.
  • Share Stories.
  • One Click Translate Messages.
  • Generate Jokes With a ‘Name’.

Let’s see how we can use this app to Send WhatsApp message to an Unsaved Number/Contact. Follow the Step-by-Step guide given below:

Step 1: First Download and Install: Click2Chat App on your android device.

Step 2: Open this App & on the Welcome Screen, Just Enter the WhatsApp number not saved in your device and in the next field Enter the message that you want to send.

Send WhatsApp Message Without Saving a Mobile Number contact

Step 3: Here you will get 2 options: ‘Send Now’ & ‘Send Later’.

(i) Send Now: Tap on ‘Send Now’ option and it will process and open the WhatsApp chat window for the entered mobile number alongwith the entered message. You have to just tap on the ‘Send’ icon to send this message. Refer Above Image.

(ii) ‘Send Later’: Through this option you can schedule your WhatsApp message easily. So, Tap on ‘Send Later’ option and Set the Date & Time to schedule the message.

Scheduled WhatsApp Message to an Unsaved Contact Mobile Number

Once you set the scheduled time, at the time you will notification from this App, as shown in Image below, just Tap on the Notification –> It will open WhatsApp Chat Window –> Tap on Send icon to finish it.

Bonus: As in this process, you have to click on send icon everytime. So to automate scheduling you may refer detailed guide: How To Schedule WhatsApp Message In Android Device Without Root.

 Chat2App Main Other Features

  • Click2Translate Feature: Translate the Entered Message into other Language in a single tap.

Translate the WhatsApp message in Other Language

  • Click2Clean Feature: On the Top of the screen, you will get ‘Cleaner’ option, just tap on it and from here you can manage WhatsApp Storage and clean the garbage directly from here.
  • Stories: Next to ‘Cleaner’, you can see ‘Stories’ option. From here you can preview and download the stories of your WhatsApp Friends.
  • Click2Joke: just below of the ‘Enter the message’ Field, you can see ‘+’ icon, tap on it and Enter a Name, it will automatically generate ‘Joke Message’ including that name. You can send this joke message to that WhatsApp Number.

This is all about Click2Chat App and how you can use this app to send WhatsApp message to anyone without saving their Number and its many other awesome features. Hope you like this article. Share it with your friends and colleagues.

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