In Power Menu of Windows 10, you will not get “Hibernate” Option by default. So, You have to “Enable Hibernate Windows 10”“Hibernate” is a state which saves your system current status in hard disk instead of memory and turns off your system completely. Whenever you start your system, it will resume your system instantly, as it was left.

“Hibernate” consume less power than “Sleep” mode. “Sleep” mode saves your system status in memory and it will reinstate your system instantly. But it will consume more power than Hibernate mode.

1. Watch Live Video Tutorial
2. Enable Hibernate In Windows 10

1. Watch Live Video Tutorial

Here just watch 1 Minute tutorial to understand the steps:-

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2. Enable Hibernate In Windows 10

Steps are simple and straightforward, as given below:

Step 1: Just go to Search Bar and Search “Control Panel” and open it.

Step 2: Go to  “Hardware and Sound”–>  under “Power Options” click on “Change What the power buttons do” –> Now click on “Change settings that are currently unavailable”.

Enable hibernate Windows 10

Step 3: Now select the “check box” of “Hibernate” in shutdown settings, as shown in Image No. 7 of above GIF Image and click on “save changes” button.

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