Whenever you share files & folders from your Google Drive, you can easily set the sharing settings, who can view & who can edit. Let’s consider the situation you are working in a Group and you have shared a Folder from your Google Drive to your friends. The Folder who has the access can at least view all files inside it.

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Now, you don’t want other to see a particular file inside that folder. A Simple solution is to move out that file from the shared folder, but others will get it OR a Better solution to hide that file inside that Shared Folder only without letting them know. Here we will tell you how you can hide any file inside Google Drive without using any addon or extensions. Let’ see how to do it:

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Google Drive gives you an option to have multiple version of a file. You can upload a new version in another format that the original file format. for ex: I have a ‘.docx’ file and I have uploaded a new version of a ‘.JPG’ file. The old “.docs” file will remain hidden in Google Drive. Here’s the trick, we gonna exploit this option to hide secret files in our Google Drive. Follow the simple steps given below:

Step 1: First choose the file that you want to hide from others. Right Click on it and choose “Manage Versions”.

Step 2: Now choose “Upload New version” and upload any file for ex: upload a simple Image file.

Hide Files & Folder in Google Drive

Step 3: Google Drive will automatically change the thumbnail of the file as the new upload Image file. Now you can change the file name from “.docx” extension to “.jpg”. Whenever anyone will open this file, the Image file will be displayed.

Note: Google Drive keeps the older versions of any files for 30 Days only. So, in case you want to keep the hidden file forever, read the article until the end.


To keep the previous versions of any fill forever, Right click on that file and choose “Manage Versions”. Now click on “3 vertical dot icon on the previous version which you want to keep forever and check “keep forever” option. That’s It!!!

Keep hidden file forever

Untold things about the file version in Google Drive:

  • If you make a copy of a file, that newly created file will only hold the Latest version of the file.
  • A user having only “View” access permission can’t see the previous version of that file.
  • As you upload a new version to a file, the size of the file will get added. like: “.docx” file is of 2 MB & uploaded “.JPG” file is of 1 MB, then the total size of the file will be 3 MB.

This is all about Google Drive File versions. If you want to add more, then put your version in the comment section below. You would also like to know:

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