If you are also a part of Instagram, then you might have followed a lot of other IG users.  And Later, you may no longer wish to continue to follow them and want to clean your Instagram. If there is a small number to unfollow, then you can do it manually, But if there is a huge number, then it’s not a smart way to unfollow manually. So, Is there any way to mass unfollow on Instagram fast?

Top Tricks:

Yes, this task can easily be done with third-party apps, that are developed exclusively for this purpose only. There are a lot of apps on iOS App Store and Google Play Store that claim that through these apps you can mass unfollow on Instagram quickly. So, let’s see the Best Apps to Fast Mass Unfollow for both iOS device and Android devices.

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How To Fast Mass Unfollow on Instagram [iOS/Android]

Let’s check out 5 Best FREE Apps for iOS And Android devices that can do your task of mass unfollow on Instagram just in a tap.

Note: If you do more than 60 task of following or unfollowing in an hour (60 minutes), then Instagram may temporarily block you for a day or more and also restrict certain content or action on your IG Account. So, while using these tools keep in mind these restrictions.

#1. Cleaner for Instagram [Android]

This is a multi-function app for Instagram. Using this app you can delete multiple photos at a time, Mass Block & Unblock, Mass Unfollow etc.

To Mass Unfollow, Follow the steps:

Step 1: First Download & Install: Cleaner for Instagram app on your Android device.

Step 2: Launch this app and login with your Instagram account username and password.

Step 3: Tap on ‘Following’ from the bottom bar and go with ‘Quick Select’ blue button. Here you will many options to select the ‘following’ users. Just Tap on ‘Select All’ to unfollow all at once.

Cleaner for IG- Mass Unfollow on Instagram Fast


Step 4: Now Simply Tap on ‘Flash’ blue floating icon and Tap on ‘Unfollow’ option, as shown in the above image.

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#2. Mass Unfollow for Instagram [iOS Devices – iPhone/iPad]

‘Mass Unfollow for Instagram’ is one of the best tools for iOS Devices to clean up your Instagram account. Using this tool you do the following task:

  • Bulk block/unblock/unfollow users
  • Bulk delete posts
  • Bulk unlike posts & more…

It’s very simple to use this tool.

  • First Download & Install: Mass Unfollow for Instagram App on your iOS device (iPhone/iPad).
  • Login in this App with your Instagram Credentials. After that simply select the users from ‘Following’ tab at the bottom bar and Unfollow all in a tap.

Mass Unfollow App for Instagram for iOS Apple iPhone

Similarly, you can also perform other task using this app.

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#3. Unfollow for Instagram – Non followers & Fans [Android]

‘Unfollow for Instagram’ is a simple Instagram Manager tool that shows you all the users who don’t follow you back and give you an option to unfollow singe or multiple users in a single tap.

  • To Mass Unfollow, First Download & Install: Unfollower for Instagram App on your Android device. Then Login with Instagram Username and password.
  • It will scan your Account and tell you Followers/non-followers stats. To unfollow the users who don’t follow you back, tap on ‘Non-Followers’ Tab.
  • Now simply tap on ‘Unfollow’ button from the bottom bar to unfollow all non-followers.

Download Link: Unfollow for Instagram

Unfollow- Mass Unfollow on Instagram Fast App

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#4. Cleaner for Ins [iOS Devices – iPhone & iPad]

This is another best tool to clean up your Instagram Account on your iOS devices. Steps are similar to the above ones. So Download this app from the below-given link and Unfollow Tons of people with a single tap.

Download Link: Cleaner for Ins

Cleaner for Instagram- mass unfollow on instagram fast iOS Apple iPhone

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#5. Unfollowers for Instagram – Follow Cop [Android]

Follow Cop is an ultimate and elegant utility tool to manage your Instagram account. It gives you details of your Followers, Non-followers, Recent Followers etc from your account. Also, you can Mass Unfollow [upto 15 people in a click] from your Instagram Account.

Steps are similar to the above ones. Download this App from the link given below and start to Clean up your Instagram account in FREE.

Download Link: Unfollowers for Instagram – Follow Cop

FollowCop- Fast Mass unfollow On Instagram

That’s All about Mass unfollow on Instagram Account Quickly. If you have any query just ask in Comments. And Also you know another awesome such Free Utility or Tool, then Share in Comments and Let’s the World know about it.

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