LinkedIn is an online connecting site that helps to take job seekers to recruiters. Whether you are a fresher or experienced person in any field, both can use the LinkedIn online platform to make the connection worldwide. You can easily create or update your career path on LinkedIn.

Whatever you write on your profile section on LinkedIn, it’s like an online resume for recruiters. Your profile says everything about you in detail, such as: – your previous experience, education, skills, etc., to the recruiter. But most users don’t know how to add a resume in LinkedIn. How they get the best trick to add a resume in LinkedIn? This article will quickly solve your problem.

If you are applying for a job online in this digital age, you need these incredible three things to use in your job search: – LinkedIn, Resume, and Cover letter.

The process of adding a resume is very easy. You can add your resume within your Profile section in LinkedIn.

How To Add Resume in Linkedin

You must follow the below steps to add a resume to LinkedIn: –

Step 1. First login to your LinkedIn account.

Step 2 Go to your profile icon and click on the “View Profile” option

How To Add Resume in Linkedin

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Step 3. after that, click on the “Add Section” option.

How To Add Resume in Linkedin

Step 4. Then click on the “Work Experience” option.

How To Add Resume in Linkedin

Step 5. After that, Scroll down to the “Media” section and click on the “Upload” button.

How To Add Resume in Linkedin

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Step 6. Then Upload your resume file and add a Title and Description. Then click “Apply”

How To Add Resume in Linkedin

Step 7. Click “Save” to return to your profile.

That’s it! I hope this article may help find the best procedure to add a resume in LinkedIn. Thank You!