There are a million of Apps available for Android, iOS & Windows Platform for Smartphone devices. For every purpose, An special app is available which makes our work easier & faster. That makes our devices full of Apps, which is one of the reason for short storage, heavy RAM Usage, Battery draining and also High Data usage.

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Apps which run in the background, access Internet & usage your Mobile or WiFi Data in Background. You can save your device RAM & Battery by Using “Greenify” App – An Ultimate RAM Booster & Battery Saver App, Read Here. Still, if you want to save Your precious Data there is one way by blocking apps from Accessing the Internet in the background.

Let’s Just check out how we can block an App from Accessing Internet On Android Devices or turn off data usage for apps on Android?

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How to Block an App from Accessing the Internet: Android

Blocking all apps from accessing the internet may keep you from getting updates. So, we suggest, why should we block that app which you use occasionally but use Device Data in the background?

Yes, we can control & manage Data usage using Data Usage Settings. Let’s see what are the simple way to do it:

  1. Using Android’s Built-in Option
  2. Using Third-Party App – “NetGuard – No Root Firewall”

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1.Using Android’s Built-In Option

Android gives you the option to manage your Data Usage over Mobile Network as well as WiFi. You can set mobile data limit or restrict data usage according to your plan. Steps are pretty simple & straightforward, as given below:

Step 1: Head to Android Settings –> search for “Data Usage” option. You may not get it on landing screen of Settings, according to your Android versions. In my case, it is available in “Connections” –> “Data Usage”, as shown in Image no. 1 of below GIF Image.

Step 2: Tap on “Mobile Data Usage” option in it. Here you will get data usage by all apps in a particular time period. Just go through it and list the apps for which you want to restrict/block the data.

 Block an App from Accessing the Internet : Android

Step 3: To restrict data usage for any App, Just Tap on it, as in this instant case, we have selected “YouTube” and in next screen Toggle off “Allow Background Data Usage” as shown in Image no. 5 of GIF Image given above.

In similar Fashion, Tap on “WiFi Data Usage” instead of “Mobile Data Usage” and you can also restrict WiFi data Usage for any specific App in your Andriod device.

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2. Using Third-Party App: NetGuard

Let’s take the things one level up. In Android’s Built-in option you have not much to do, if you want to restrict data for many Apps, then above method can be time-consuming. Let’s take help of an Awesome App – “NetGuard”.

NetGuard gives you a simple and advanced way to block an App from accessing the Internet on Android Devices. In One tap you can manage both Wifi Data usage as well as Mobile Data Usage for any App. Apart from this, it also saves your device Battery life and increases your Privacy over the Internet Using VPN Access.

Step 1: First Download & Install NetGuard – No Root Firewall app from Google Play Store & open it.

Step 2: On landing screen, it will show a list of all Apps installed on your Android device in Alphabetical order. By default it is disabled, to enable it, Toggle On from Top Left Corner. NetGuard uses Local VPN to block Internet Traffic, just click on “Ok” and In next dialogue allow it to set up a local VPN.

Block an App from Accessing the Internet : Android

Step 3: Now All things are set-up. Next to every app, Tap on Wifi icon or Mobile Data icon to restrict data usage. You can also set up more conditions & specific access from “Drop Down Arrow”, as shown in Image no. 5 of above GIF Image.

If you want to Block WiFi or Mobile data for all Apps, you can do it from NetGuard Settings. Tap on “Defaults (White/blacklist)” and toggle on/off the option available as required.

Block an App from Accessing the Internet : Android

Did it help you??? Let us know in comment section below. “NetGuard” is an awesome app to block an App from accessing the Internet on Android devices. Try it and Share with your friends.  If you Like this Article and want to get More Latest Tricks & Tips, Be Connected with us by subscribing our YouTube Channel & Facebook PageYou would also like to know:

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