Facebook is the best social media platform that allows you to contact worldwide friends. It’s the big social media platform that enables you to get worldwide friends. You can share pictures, stories, videos, memories, etc. Facebook has many features, but one of the best qualities is you can change your Date of Birth on Facebook. Your DOB plays a very important role on Facebook.

You add your DOB on Facebook inform your FB friends about your birthday. On the birthday, they get a notification to remind them and wish you on their Facebook timeline. Sometimes you may change your DOB, but you don’t have sufficient knowledge about it. So this blog will show you the best method about how to Facebook birthday change.

In a lot of time, Some of you create your Facebook account, but you don’t provide your original Date of Birth on Facebook due to some reasons. As a result, you forget your DOB, which you’ve provided earlier. When you get back here or change your real DOB, sometimes, you can’t submit due to the strict privacy policy of Facebook. It’s a good security policy because nobody can born two times to provide a second time Date of Birth. So always try to give original information about you on Facebook.

How To Change Birthday On Facebook

Facebook knows that sometimes it could be a mistake to submit real DOB. For this reason, Facebook gives a hidden process to submit your real Date of Birth again to provide real information on Facebook.

If you recently change your DOB, you may have to wait until a certain time limit before editing it again. That’s why Facebook wants real information from you to keep the secure privacy of the user. So that if any problem might occur in the future, you can complain to the Facebook help center or cyber crime department.

Here, we are providing two methods to Change Birthday On Facebook through the laptop and android phone: –

How to Change Birthday On Facebook by laptop/Computer:

Step 1. First of all, you should visit the www.facebook.com

Step 2. After that, you need to enter your email ID and password in the above-given column and click the login button as shown in the image.

Step 3. Your Facebook profile will be open on your computer screen, and you should click on your name mentioned at the top of the page.

Step 4. You should click on the “About” link mentioned next to the timeline in the next step.

Step 5. Here, Facebook will ask you what information you want to change. You have to click on the contact and necessary information.

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Step 6. After clicking on this, basic information will show on your computer screen related to the date of birth. You can change your information by clicking on the edit button next to the birth and year section.

Step 7. Now your date of birth and your birth year will be open to editing. You can add the new information.

Step 8. At the last step, Facebook will ask you for confirmation. You want to save this change or want to cancel it.

Step 9. You can click on the save changes button, and your new birth date will save on your Facebook profile.

Step 10. It’s the method to change the birthday on Facebook via computer or laptop.

How can I Birthday Change In Facebook via Android phone:

Step 1. For the android phone, you have to download the Facebook app on your android phone. You can download the Facebook app from the play store, and an icon will show as an image.

Step 2. After tapping the Facebook app icon, you can put your login details like Email Id and password. After that, you should click the Login button.

Step 3. Now you have to go through the right side corner of the page and click on the Setting icon.

Step 4. After that, you should click on the About tab mentioned there.

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Step 5. Now your basic information will appear in front of you, and that can easily edit.

Step 6. Now scroll down the page and press on the save button. So, This is the process of Facebook Birthday Change.

That’s it! I hope this article may help find the best way to change birthday on Facebook. You can change your Date of Birth after a certain time limit because it comes under the security policy guideline of Facebook. Thank You!