Facebook is a most leading social media platform. Over 2 billion users log in every month on ii. Facebook provides many features to its users. You can post images, audio or video, comments, likes, and share posts easily on FB. You can create your page, which can belong to your business or art etc. Among its many features, one of the best parts is you can easily change your relationship on Facebook without making extra efforts. As a user, you should know it’s every single part – maybe you need it later. Most users are not aware of it. So this article will show you the best procedure to editing relationship status on Facebook.

When you’re in love, or you’ve broken with someone, so you want to shout at higher mountains peak means you want to share this thing with your family and friends. Hence, Facebook lets you add your status on it, and when your want to change your relationship status, you can change it easily. For changing it, neither do need any third-party app nor tricky methods because Facebook provides a straightforward process to change the relationship status like- single, in an open relationship, married, etc., on Facebook.

How To Change Relationship Status On Facebook

Want to change relationship status on Facebook?? If yes, then go through the steps stated below carefully.

Step 1. After open Facebook, click on a three-line tab that will show on the right-hand side of the page.

Step 2. Hit on “view your profile” written below of your name as highlighted in the image below.

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Step 3. Select your present relationship status, whatever it has updated. As you can see in the image below given, hit on the “single” option.

Step 4. After that, your complete profile will open on your screen. Scroll down and click on edit option ” “ stated in front of single under relationship section.

Step 5. Select your desired relationship from the list on your page. You can also add the name of the person you are in a relationship with within your status.

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Step 6. Now, tap on the “Save” button. Your relationship status has changed. By clicking on the audience button, you may also choose the people you won’t share.

Note. You can add the name of the person you are in a relationship with only if that person is on your friend list. It will not approve until that person confirms the relationship status with you.

That’s it! I hope this article may help find the best way to editing relationship status on Facebook if you want to change your relationship status without any hectic method to easily do it with the elementary process of Facebook, which has shown in this article. Thank You!