How to change Twitch Username

Twitch is the best platform for gamers who like to play games, so here is a great place to watch the best video games and connect with your favorite players. You can create your channel on Twitch. And you must add a username for the Twitch account. Initially, you will provide the username list, and from the list, you have to choose the username for your brand channel.

Like other accounts, sometimes you get too hasty to select the username. At this time, you realize it’s not the username you wanted. Your latest username is not suitable for your brand. You don’t need to create a new account for a new username. You can do change Twitch username.

You have to remember one thing that you can change your username at once in 60 days. If you make any changes in your Twitch username before 60 days, you cannot do. So make assurance when you change your username. This article will show the best solution to change Twitch username.

How to change Twitch username? What is the procedure to change Twitch account? These types of questions keep rotating your mind. It would help if you had the easiest way to change the username of Twitch account.

How to change Twitch Username

You must follow the quick steps below, and after that, you can easily change the username.

Step 1. Open Twitch website on your web browser. Click on the Login button, which is on the top right side corner.

Step 2. Enter your login details in the box that pop-ups

Step 3. Once you logged in, select your profile image, which is on the right side corner

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Step 4. The menu opens up. Click on “Settings”

Step 5. Select a User name and edit your username.

Step 6. Select “Save changes,” and your username gets changed

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Note: If you recently created your account, you cannot change your username until two months

That’s it! I hope this article may help to find a great method to change Twitch username. Thank You!

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