Facebook is the most using social media platform that allows you to contact worldwide friends. You can easily create your FB account and use it. You can share pictures, stories, videos, memories, etc. It lets you send requests to your FB friends and accept requests from another user. Facebook has many features, and one of the best features is you can change your Facebook user name later whenever you want. You need to follow some instructions to do this as most users are not aware of its procedure. So this blog will show you the best technique to changing the name on Facebook.

There are several reasons to change your user name like- you’re using a nickname, and now you want to set your real name as a user name. Facebook provides a straightforward procedure for changing your name on Facebook. Here are some rules you must follow before changing the name on FB that are as follow: –

  • You can use your real name or nickname.
  • You can’t use a fake name. FB doesn’t allow to use of alias names.
  • Even you can’t use symbols, emojis, special characters, punctuation marks, etc.

Facebook has a painless policy to change your user name if you follow certain rules. You can change your name anytime. However, you can’t change the name often and not instantly change it. You have to wait for 60 days to change your name. 

How to Change Your Name On Facebook

Are you searching for how to change your name on Facebook? If yes, then follow the following steps given below.

Step 1. Firstly, log in to your Facebook and hit on three horizontal lines ” “ tab placed at the right corner.

Step 2. Select the “Settings” option from the drop-down list that will open after following the step above.

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Step 3. A new list will display on your screen. Scroll down and search the “personal information” tab.

Step 4. Now, click on the “edit” button stated in front of your name.

Step 5. Now, you are free to enter a new name for your Facebook profile. Enter it and press on “review change” tab.

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Step 6. After that, a new page will be open where you will ask for your Facebook password. Enter your password and hit on “save changes” data-preserver-spaces=”true”> button.

That’s it! I hope this article may help find the best way to changing the name on Facebook. Whenever you want to change your user name, you can. Facebook lets you simple method to do it. But you can’t change your name often and must wait for 60 days to change your name. Thank You!