Facebook is the best social media platform that allows you to contact worldwide friends. You can easily create your FB account and use it. You can share pictures, stories, videos, memories, etc., it provides so many facilities such as comments, likes, replies, and chats with your friends. Facebook has several features, and one of the best quality is Facebook allows you to share your location with your friends by using the check-in option. It’s a very useful feature of FB. Some users daily post their check-in status with their friends where they visit. But some users do not know about it. So this blog will show you the best method to Check-in on Facebook.

Facebook provides you its most essential and great feature, i.e., Check-in. It lets you link your present place’s location like- restaurant, any country or city, park, museum, movie, etc., which you are going to visit or visiting. While using the check-in option, you can add some photos, write something about your trip, and tag friends in the post, so they’ll get notifications about it. 

Checking in on Facebook is a great way to let the other users know your location right now like- where you’re spending your vacation, attending a music show, visiting famous places, etc. When you Check-in at a specific location, you can let your loved ones and close people about you that you’ve safely reached after traveling, or you have stuck in a natural disaster or any other serious situation. Whether you can use a desktop website or mobile app version of Facebook to share your Check-in information, it takes a minute or less to complete the full process.

How to check in on Facebook

You must follow the important steps to use check-in on Facebook: –

Step 1. Open Facebook Application on your device.

Step 2. For check-in on Facebook, you will see a textbox that says, “What’s on your mind?”. It is on top of your screen. If you own an Apple device, the textbox displays, “Want to share an update?”.

Step 3. Tap on the textbox. A list of options is displayed. Select the “Check-In” button to use the Facebook check-in option.

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Step 4. A pop-up will display for permitting Facebook to use your location. Click “Accept” or “OK.”

Step 5. Select the location which you want to share as the Facebook check in status.

Step 6. If your desired location is not displayed, tap on the search button.

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Step 7. Start typing the name of your location here. Click the location once you get it.

Step 8. If your location is not available in the database, you will get a prompt to add that location. Follow the instructions to continue with the process.

Step 9. To add something about the chosen location, tap on the textbox to do so. You can drop a comment here.

Step 10. If you like to tag your friends, click “Tag Friends” right below the screen. You can search for the people you want to tag.

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Step 11. Choose the people for tagging and then press “Done.”

Step 12. Now tap “Post” or “Share” on the top to add Facebook check-in status.

That’s it! I hope this article may help find the best way to Facebook Check-in status. Facebook provides a useful feature to post your Check-in status on it. With this feature, you can add the specific location you are going to, whether you can use a computer or mobile Facebook app to post your Check-in information. Thank You!