Facebook is one the best and popular social media platforms where users can easily create and use their accounts. On Facebook, you can share pictures, videos, stories, and memories, etc. It has so many features, but one of its best features is you can make polls on Facebook.

Facebook lets you create polls with your FB friends, and it helps you make decisions. If you want to make more followers and grab the audience’s attention, then the Facebook poll is the best way. You’re new or not known about this feature-don’t worry! This article will show you the best approach to create a poll on Facebook.

You can ask anything, settle a friendly debate, or spot-check your opinion, ask your customer’s suggestions regarding your business or brand, etc. A Facebook poll is a very interesting and fun-loving feature.

The Facebook poll is an interactive way to share posts, gifs, questions – answers, emojis, and ask for suggestions on any topic as per your need. So you will give two answer choices about your topic, and followers can vote their opinion to find the result.

How to Create a Facebook Poll

You must follow the step by step guide to creating Facebook Poll in minutes:

Step 1. Login to your respective Facebook Account.

Step 2. Click on the textbox saying ‘Write Something Here.’

Step 3. Select ‘Poll’ from the options displayed on the screen to create a poll on Facebook.

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Step 4. Write your question in the text box; add the choices in the text boxes beneath. You can also select a picture or GIF to will display with each choice.

Step 5. Choose the expiry period for the Facebook Poll.

Step 6. Click on the ‘Post’ button to make the Poll live.

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Step 7. View your Poll by visiting your Facebook Profile.

You’re now ready to make polls on Facebook in just a few clicks.

That’s it! I hope this article may help find the best way to create a Facebook poll. The Facebook poll is an interesting, quick, and easy feature to get help making decisions. The poll results are immediately presentable without having to go through any pages of Facebook. Thank You!