ePub is an eBook file format which is more responsive than PDF Format. So all eReader prefer ePub than PDF. Read here to know What is ePub eBook Format? There are various Free online as well as software applications are available to create an ePub eBook.

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If you don’t want to download any software or use other online tools, you will prefer to create ePub eBook with Google Docs. You can perform various tasks with Google Docs like We have already seen how you can transcribe an audio file into text with Google Docs and how you can convert PDF To WORD using Google Docs. Here we will convert Doc to ePub format with Google Docs.


Let’s see how to create an ePub eBook with a simple free online tool – Google Docs. Just follow the simple steps given below:

Step 1: First visit Drive.google.com and upload your document to which you want to convert to ePub format, here by just drag & drop.

Step 2: Open this uploaded file with “Google Docs” and Click on “File” –> Download as –> EPUB Publication(.epub). This file will get converted into ePub format and you will get your eBook. Also, Refer below GIF Image:

How To create an ePub eBook

So Simple!!! This is the very simple way to convert Doc to ePub eBook. Also, know what are the Free Online Tools and Software Applications to View, Create & Edit ePub ebooks easily, in our next article.

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