Facebook is the most using social media platform that allows you to contact worldwide friends. You can easily create your FB account and use it. You can share pictures, stories, videos, memories, etc. It lets you send requests to your FB friends and accept requests from other users. Facebook has many features, and one of the finest qualities is you can delete the Facebook group. Facebook provides a painless technique to deleting Facebook groups easily. Most users might have created FB groups, but they are not aware of deleting them. So this blog will show you the best method to remove groups on FB.

Facebook offers you the simple process of creating and deleting FB groups. You may want to delete any FB group- you must be the owner of that group, then you’ll get the authority to delete it. A group owner can delete the group by removing all group members firstly. Once the owner is the only person who remains in the group, they can delete the Facebook group.

Group admins can do one more thing- they can archive the group, meaning the group will no longer see in the search box to non-members, and new members can’t join the group. If the owner first leaves the group, so in this situation, the other admins can delete the group. Because when the group owner leaves the group, then any group member will become the admin, or the owner can make the group admin.

How To Delete a Facebook Group

You must follow the below steps to delete a Facebook group: –

Step 1. To Delete A Facebook Group, log in to Your Facebook Profile, Your News Feed Would be Open Before You.

Step 2. At The Left-Hand Side, There would be a List of Options present. Select the feature “Groups,” As indicated in the below-given image.

Step 3. Click on the “Groups” Feature. The Groups you are a member of or have created would be enlisted below.

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Step 4. If you cannot delete a group on not having the admin status, you can also choose to leave/unfollow the group.

Step 5. If you have admin status, Click on the left-hand side option “Members” from an array of features for removing members and Facebook groups delete.

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Step 6. To permanently remove groups on FB, start removing all members until you are the last person in the group. Click on the three-dotted button right beside your profile name in the member list.

Step 7. Click on the “Leave Group” option.

Step 8. After you click on Leave Group, there appears a reconfirmation. Click on the Leave and Delete Option to dissolve the Facebook Group permanently.

That’s it! I hope this article may help find the best way to remove groups on FB. Facebook has a straightforward technique to delete any group on Facebook. You can complete this process through the computer or mobile app. Thank You!