Facebook is one of the best and popular social media platforms where users can easily create and use their accounts. On Facebook, you can share pictures, videos, stories, and memories, etc. Facebook lets you use its service with many features, and one of the finest features is to remove your Facebook page anytime. For doing it, you need to follow a simple, straightforward procedure. Most users are not aware of it. So this blog will show you the best approach to delete a Facebook page.

Facebook is the most using social media platform, and it lets you easily create a personal profile page and business profile page. You should know that there is some difference between personal profile or business profile page, they are not same. A personal profile page includes all your personal information about yourself, whereas a business page contains all the information regarding your brand or business.

When you create any business page, you’re the admin of the page who has all rights to do everything. You can add fans, add your brand’s photo, comments, send messages, etc. Even you’ve full authority to delete your business Fb page anytime.

How to delete a fb page

Method 1: Deleting the page using the Facebook app

Step 1. Open the Facebook app on your Android/IOS device.

Step 2. Now tap on the three horizontal lines in the upper-right corner of the Facebook app. (It is below the messenger icon.)

Step 3. Then scroll down and tap on pages.

Step 4. You would be able to view all of your pages you have administrative rights.

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Step 5. Then tap the page you want to delete.

Step 6. Then tap on the more button. It’s three dots inside a circle in the button menu.

Step 7. Then click the edit page, and then tap on settings.

Step 8. Tap General in the setting menu

Step 9. Scroll down and tap on “Delete [Page name]” under the header “Remove Page.”

Step 10. It will again ask you if you want to delete the page. You can proceed by clicking “Delete Page” in blue colors and permanently delete your page.

Note: If you are not an admin, you won’t be able to delete the page.

Method 2: Deleting the page on the Facebook website

Step 1. Open the Facebook website. Enter your credentials (Email Add/Phone number and Password) so that you can log in.

Step 2. Then click “Pages” under the “Explore” heading on the left-hand side of the page.

Step 3. You would be able to see all of your pages under your administrative rights.

Step 4. Then tap Settings. You will find that option under the notification icon.

Step 5. Scroll down, and at the end, you will find “Remove Page.” Tap on it.

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Step 6. Doing so will expand a new option. Click on “Delete [Page name].”

Step 7. A new window will pop up confirming if you want to delete the page.

Step 8. Click on “Delete Page” and click save changes.

Note: Facebook doesn’t delete a page until 14 days; hence you can recover it later. However, once that period is over, you can’t do anything.

That’s it! I hope this article may help find the best way to delete a FB page. Facebook provides you a straightforward process to delete your FB page. You can continue this process through your Facebook desktop website or mobile app. Thank You!