Discord is one of the voice, video, and text chat app uses by millions of people who want to communicate and hang out with their friends and communities. It’s the best place for gamers who wants to stay connected while playing games with their group members. Discord plays a most important role in sending and receiving messages during play games if you ever play games online. Managing old chats is one of the big tasks of running an active Discord server. Whether you want to wipe out all messages, or some inappropriate conversations, it’s important to know the easiest way to do it. So this article will show you the best method to remove Discord messages.

Discord has two types of text messages. Direct messages (DM) are private chats between two users and channel messages, which chats do by group members within the group on a particular channel. 

You can easily and quickly delete Discord messages you’ve done on this platform. You can erase a specific message or close the chat panel to disappear from the chat history. But if you want to bulk-deletion your messages, you can’t do it directly as this feature has permanently closed from the native UI of Discord. It caused database problems because many admins mass-deleting chats at the same time. Here, you’ll see the finest way to delete the Discord message you’ve sent, either on desktop or on the mobile version of the platform.

How to delete Discord messages

You must follow the below steps to Discord message delete: –

Step 1. Open discord on your windows which is a blue icon similar to shown below:

How to delete Discord messages

Step 2. In the home section, on the left panel, you will see a section “Direct Messages.” Under this, you can see all the chats. Refer to the screen below:

How to delete Discord messages

Step 3. Open the chat with the person whose direct message you want to delete:

How to delete Discord messages

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Step 4. Take the cursor on the message you want to delete, and you will be able to see three vertically arranged dots at the right side of the chat. Refer to the screen below:

How to delete Discord messages

Step 5. Click on the three dots, and you will see an option to delete the message.

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Step 6. Click on “Delete,” and the message gets deleted.

That’s it! I hope this article may help find the best process to remove Discord messages. You can delete the conversion between you and your friend in an efficient manner. Discord doesn’t let you delete bulk chats easily from the channel. Thank You!