Plenty of Fish (POF) is one of the best dating apps where you can find your perfect match. You can easily create an account on it and using it by sharing some personal information. It allows you to chat with your POF friends and post your photos on POF. Sometimes you want to delete a POF account due to several reasons. If you are looking for the best option to delete POF account so this article is for you.

The reason would be anything to delete the POF account. Some of the causes are like- you may found your perfect partner, your account is facing some technical issues, it’s quite difficult to use the swipe left or swipe right option for finding a companion, or you may want to use some other dating apps, etc.

Like other social media platforms, you may permanently delete the POF account or disable or hide the account for some time. When you permanently delete your POF account, you are ready to delete all your information like- saved connections, conversations, and photos, etc. All your data will erase. You can’t reactivate the same POF account. Instead of deleting the account permanently, you can select a temporary hide or disable account option so you can reactivate the same account without erasing any data, and you can easily come back whenever you want to.

How to Delete POF Account

There are the steps to delete your POF account:-

Step 1. Login to your POF account.

How to Delete POFAccount

Step 2. Click on the “Help” menu from the top menu items.

How to Delete POFAccount

Step 3. “Help Center” page appears. Click on the “Remove Profile” option from the left side options.

How to Delete POFAccount

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Step 4. Click on the “here” in the “To delete your POF profile” sectionHow to Delete POFAccount

Step 5. Click on the text link “CLICK HERE!” in the sentence “To delete your account, CLICK HERE!”

How to Delete POFAccount

Step 6. The next page shows a form that contains a username, password, reason, and some other questions. Fill the form and then click on the “Quit / Give Up / Delete Account” data-preserver-spaces=”true”> button.


How to Delete POFAccount


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Step 7. Now, your POF account has deleted.

 Note: – After creating a new account, you can delete your POF account within a minimum of 24 hours.

How to Delete POFAccount

That’s it! I hope this article may help find the best process to delete a POF account. Thank You!