Venmo is an online mobile service provider where users can share or transfer funds to their friends, family, business partners, etc. You can easily use it to sending & receiving money from person to person. Now Venmo has owned by PayPal. It’s USA based online money service provider, so the sender and receiver both have to belong from the USA. It’s similar to PayPal or Google wallet but is unique in that Venmo allows users to share and like payments and purchases through a social feed. It has some pros and cons too. So, whenever you feel like you want to remove your account so you can easily do it. If you are looking for the best procedure to delete a Venmo account, this blog will help you.

If you get bored with the Venmo app or found some other better apps, the reason could be anything you can easily delete your account. You’ll need a desktop to delete your account because you can’t do it from your mobile app. To remove your Venmo account, you’ll need to make sure that You don’t have incomplete transactions and no money in your Venmo account.

When you delete your Venmo account, all your tractions history and personal and bank data will also permanently delete. If you need the data in the future, you can save them before the deletion process.

How to Delete Venmo Account

You must follow the below process to delete Venmo account: –

Step 1. Browse to  https.// when you want to delete your Venmo account

Step 2. Log in and go to Settings to close your Venmo account. Click the Cancel my Venmo Account to remove your Venmo account.

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Step 3. You’ll ask to confirm. After confirming, your account will delete.

That’s it! I hope this article may help find the best way to close a Venmo account. Thank You.