Facebook is a great social media platform for users who more likely to share their pictures, thoughts, memories, videos, etc., with their friends. So FB provides a way where users can easily create their accounts and connect with friends worldwide. Facebook has many features, but one of the top features is saving all your photos from Facebook if you’re not aware of its process, so no need to worry! You’re not alone: in fact, most users who have connected with Facebook still don’t have sufficient knowledge to do it. So in this blog, you will see the top method to download photos from Facebook.

Facebook is the most using social media platform these days. Over the billions, users are using this platform to stay connected with their friends. If you are a heavy Facebook user, defiantly you’ve many photos, videos, and other data uploaded on Facebook. Maybe sometimes it comes to your mind to download all the photos from it. So there are many reasons to do it like- you’re permanently deleting your Fb account, or you don’t want to keep your photos and videos on this social site anymore, etc. 

Facebook lets you save all your photos wherever you want to download them.. You have to download a full album or a bulk of photos because Facebook doesn’t save pictures one by one separately.

How To Download All Photos From Facebook

Follow the steps below to download all photos from Facebook:-

Step 1. First, you have to visit the official Facebook site and log in with your Account Login Credentials.

Step 2. Now you have to click on the down arrow on the top right side of your Facebook page.

Step 3. Select the setting option from the drop-down.

Step 4. Once you click on the setting option, it will take you to the setting page.

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Step 5. Now you have to click on “Your Facebook information,” which is on the left side of the setting page.

Step 6. Once you select “Your Facebook information,” you’ll have few options on the page (Access your information, download your information, Activity log, etc. below is the screenshot.

Step 7. To save the photo from Facebook, you have to click on the “view” tab to Download your information.

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Step 8. once you click on the view tab, the “your information” page will open.

Step 9. Now you have to click on the “Deselect all” button.

Step 10. And then select the photos & Videos to download all the photos.

Step 11. Now you have to create the file, and once you click on it, it will take 4 to 5 minutes to create a file for all your Facebook photos.

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Step 12. You will see one pop-up box that your Facebook photos ready for download., click on it.

Step 13. Then Download your information page will open.

Step 14. Click on the Download button.

Step 15. It will open one pop-up box of “please re-enter your password,” now, you have to enter your Facebook password, then click on submit button.

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Step 16. Downloading will start. In this way, all your FB photos download in the zip folder, and once you click on it. It will show separate folders of all your photos on Facebook.

That’s it! I hope this article may help find the best way to download photos from Facebook. Facebook gives you an effortless approach to FB photo download. You can save your photos from your desktop website or android or iPhone mobile app version. Thank You!