How to Embed Youtube Video on Facebook

How to Embed Youtube Video on Facebook

To embed YouTube video on Facebook, we have two methods which are given here. So, you can read it and apply it easily. Please have a look..!!

Step 1. Firstly, you need to open the website of youtube and choose the video which you want to embed on Facebook.

Step 2. After that, you have to play that video, and you can see the share button below the youtube video.

Step 3. Now, you have to click on the share button, and a new dialog box will be opened. You can choose the Facebook logo by clicking on it.

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Step 4. If you have login facebook ID, then it will redirect to your facebook page.

Step 5. You need to enter the caption if you want and press the post of Facebook button.

Step 6. Now your YouTube video will share on facebook.

Step 7. There is one another method, like after clicking on the share button you have to press on the embed link which is available here.

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Step 8. Now, embed code of the video will be opened. You can choose the timing of the video by tick on start at 0.00 and copy the code.

Step 9. After copying the code, you have to log in to your facebook profile and paste it where you want to display.

Step 10. If you want to display the video on your facebook post, then you can paste the code in the wall section.

Step 11. You can add some caption as well as per your choice; you can Post YouTube Video On Facebook By press on the share button.

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Step 12. Now, your embed YouTube video has been posted on Facebook. So, this was the simple method to share YouTube video on Facebook.

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