We all must have many email addresses for the different-2 purpose, for ex: for personal use, for official use etc. Obviously, you have to check most of the Email ids’ on a regular basis. Sometimes you may forget to check any of the emails and may miss any important updates. Here, you need to automatically forward all your emails to any single Email address.

Do You Know?

If you are using Gmail which is one of the trusted and popular email services, then this task becomes easier. You can easily forward Gmail to another email address from Gmail settings. If we go one level up, then you should also know that you can also send a reply from your forwarder Email Address In your central inbox. We can explain this whole process in two parts:

  • Part 1: Forward Gmail To Another Email Address
  • Part 2: Gmail: Send Email from Different Email Address

In this tutorial, we are gonna explain Part 1, how to forward Gmail to another email address, in detail. For Part 2: Click Here

Forward Gmail to another Email Address

Here we gonna explain how you can forward all your emails from your Gmail account to another Gmail or other mailing service (Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook etc.). The procedure is very simple & straightforward. Here is the step-by-step guide:

Step 1: First Login to your Gmail account. Click on “Gear” icon from Top Right Corner and go to ‘Settings’.

Step 2: In settings, just go to “Forwarding & POP/IMAP” tab. Here, the first option you will get is “Forwarding”, Just click on “Add a Forwarding Address” next to it.

Step 3: It will pop-up a window asking to enter the email address where you want to forward all the emails. It can be your another Gmail or Yahoo, Hotmail or any other.

Then, click on Next button following with “Proceed” button in next window. You will get a message on pop-up box that confirmation code has been sent your added email address, as shown in GIF Image given below:

how to forward gmail to another email

Step 4: You will get a new mail in the inbox of your forwarding email Id with a confirmation code. Use that code to verify your forwarding email Id.

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Deciding the Next Options:

After the verification process, you can see an option “Forward a copy…” and a drop-down menu just next to it. Here you will get a list of all forwarding emails set up with this account. If you don’t want to use any forwarding email address, you can remove it from here.

In next drop-down menu, decide what to do with the original copy of the email. You can set the option of retaining the original copy of the email in your Inbox or otherwise as shown in Image no. 7 of above GIF Image. You can also create a filter to forward the selected emails.

Final Must Step: Click on ‘Save Changes’ button, to save all the settings you have done.

Let’s go one level up and learn how you send a reply from your ‘forwarding email Id‘ to the forwarded email with ‘forwarded email id‘, in short: How To Send Email from different Email Address from a single account, Read Here.

That’s It!!! Now for testing, send an email to self and check whether the same you are getting into the inbox of the forwarding email address or not!!! Voilla, It’s working 🙂 You would also like to know: 

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