How to Get Rid of Malware on Various Devices

How do you check malware on your Android or iPhone device? This terminology is wrong because “Phones can’t get viruses, but they can get another form of Malware.” There is a list of many types of malware available to damage your phone, such as Trojan Horse, Logic Bomb, Rootkit, Virus, etc. “The definition of malware is not complete without using of these two words: Intentional and Damage. Malware is an encompassing term for any and every destructive software intentionally built to elicit damage to your server, computer, network, and phone.” It becomes very dangerous if you don’t rid of your phone. So in this blog, you will see the best approach to get rid of malware on various devices.

If you have two options to remove malware from your phone, whether you can rid malware “manually” or use a “virus removal tool,” such as an Anti-malware scanner. It’s 100% possible that iPhone or Apple devices also catch by malware- the manner would be different than Android. But yes! Once malware gets hooked to your phone, it performs multiple uncertain operations. It competes with your phone’s resources and destroys many programs. The classic signs of malware in your phone are:

  • Apps taking a longer time to load.
  • Your phone’s battery is draining faster than normal.
  • Apps that you did not download showing up on your screen.

How to Get Rid of Malware on Various Devices

How to remove malware from Android phones

A traditional computer virus can’t infect your phone, but other types of malware can. So below, you will see the best possible ways to remove malware from Android phones.

Method1. Clear your cache and downloads

Some types of malware can attack your browser. So you need to cleat their cache and downloads history from time to time.

Step1. Open your phone’s Settings.

Step2. Select Apps.

Step3. Then find Chrome.

Step4. Now select Storage & cache.

Step5. Click on Clear cache, and you will clear automatically. Then tap on Clear storage.

Step6. Click on Clear all data and then confirm your choice in the pop-up.

Method2. Wipe your Android device

If none above methods works, you should try this option by resetting the phone to its factory default settings.

Step1. Open your phone’s Settings.

Step2. Select General Management.

Step3. Then click on Reset options.

Step4. Now select Erase all data (factory reset).

Step5. Then click on Erase all data. You need to confirm it through a pop-up and reset your phone.

Step6. Then it would help if you restored your phone.

Method3. Keep your Android phone protected by using AVG Antivirus

Instead of using all the above methods, you can take the help of the AVG Antivirus app. It will easily track the malware and remove it from your phone. If you want to use some other antivirus app- be careful to choose it because some apps are malware in disguise.

Step1. Download and install AVG Antivirus for Android.

Step2. Open the app and tap Scan.

Step3. Wait for a while; this anti-malware app scans and checks your app’s files for malicious software.

Step4. Now follow the problem to resolve any threats.

Step5. AVG antivirus will quickly uninstall the malicious app. And you will get free virus protection.

How to remove malware from iPhone

iPhone can remove viruses straightforwardly since iPhone viruses don’t exist, and malware can’t enter or break into iOS. However, it’s necessary to get rid of malware from your iPhone. Instead of this, hackers use software development kits (SDKs) to create apps that can infect your iPhone. If you ever jailbreak your iPhone or iPad to install apps from outside the official App Store, so there are some changes that you may accidentally install malware-infected apps on your iPhone.

Method1. Clear history and data

Suppose you are facing so many pop-ups and “Error” messages in your Safari browser. So you need to clear your history and data that will remove any adware-like infections. Go to “Settings,” then scroll down the “Safari” tab. Then tap “Clear History and Website Data.”

Method2. Power off and restart your iPhone

This method often works, maybe it sounds too tricky, but it’s not. Hold down your iPhone’s power button wait for the slide to power off slider to show, then slide to turn it off. To restart your iPhone, hold down the power button once more and wait for the Apple logo to show. It would help if you did the “turn it off and turn it back on again” approach. It often works.

Method3. Completely wipe your iPhone data

If all the above methods may not work, you can properly wipe out your device and start fresh.

Step1. Open Settings and select General. Then tap Reset.

Step2. Now choose Erase All Content and Settings.

Step3. Then it would help if you restored your phone.

That’s it! Thank You! I hope this article may help find the best way to get rid of malware on various devices. As phones can’t get viruses, but they can get another form of Malware. So you can remove malware from your Android or iPhone devices by using any of the above approaches. Through these techniques, malware can easily detect and remove from your iPhone and Android forever.











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