YouTube Red offers you to use the premium services it. You can access ad-free content. It lets you download videos for viewing or listening videos. After downloading, you can play those videos offline to watch and listen, so you can play those offline videos in the background to keep playing them while you are using other apps. If you are a new subscriber of the YouTube Red account, you don’t need to pay before the complication of your one-month trial period. So this article will show you the best process to get YouTube Red for free.

You are first signing up for your YouTube Red account, and you get 30 days free trial period to use it until you don’t need to pay. After completing one month trial, you are eligible to pay the first standard amount, i.e., $11.99. You should cancel your membership the moment you sign up. Yes, you can easily cancel your membership anytime before the completion of 30 days trial period, and still, you can access all the services of YouTube Red for the month.

Cancellation allows you to use its every benefit for a month without taking any tension about you have to pay after this trial period, even if you don’t like it anymore. 

How to get YouTube Red for free

You must follow the below steps to get YouTube Red for free: –

Step 1. Youtube Red for Android Device

Step 2. You can get YouTube Red for free on your android device through a third-party application. Go to the search engine and search for the “New Pipe” apk. Open the first link 

Step 3. You will get directly to the page. Click on “Download” to download the application and then click “Ok.”

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Step 4. The app will get a download, and you can see it in your notification.

Step 5. Open the downloaded file and click on “Install.”

Step 6. Once the file has installed, a screen like the below will appear. Click on “Done.”

Step 7. Open the NewPipe app. You can change the default resolution settings as per your choice by going to “Settings” and then “Video & Audio.”

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Step 8. You can search for any YouTube original content like “Liza on-demand” and watch it for free through the application.

That’s it! I hope this article may help find the best way to get YouTube Red for free. Thank You!