Facebook is one the best and popular social media platforms where users can easily create and use their accounts. On Facebook, you can share pictures, videos, stories, and memories, etc. Facebook is one of the busy social media places, and almost 2.17 billion active users log in to Facebook every month. So you can get an idea of how useful the platform is, along with many benefits. Facebook’s Frame Studio allows you to design custom frames and overlay them on your Facebook feeds, stories, and profile pictures. It’s an interesting new marketing way. So this blog will guide you about the best procedure to create a frame for Facebook.

The Facebook frame is a great way to promoting and branding your page or business. It’s a new trend to do marketing your products and models. Marketers mostly use Facebook frames to look more precise and attractive to their brands. When you use the Facebook frame feature, you may realize that it is similar to Snapchat’s filter option. Even you can add more filters like- text, images, emojis, visual effects, and graphics, etc., on frames. There is no cost to use Facebook frames studio, and the frames don’t expire until you want them to. 

How to make a Facebook frame

Follow the steps mentioned below to make a photo frame for Facebook:

Step 1. Login to your respective Facebook account.

Step 2. Now type https://www.facebook.com/frames/manage/ in your browser’s address bar. It will direct you to Frame Studio on Facebook.

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Step 3. Click on ‘Get Started,’ Click on ‘Upload Art,’ now select any picture that you’d like to create a frame for Facebook and edit it by various options available like ‘Bring forward,’ ‘Send back,’ ‘Duplicate’ and other editing options.

Step 4. After finishing the editing, click on ‘Next,’ fill in the necessary details for the Facebook frame, and then click on ‘Publish.’

Step 5. In this way, your Facebook Frame will create easily.

That’s it! I hope this article may help find the best way to make a photo frame for Facebook. Facebook provides a framing facility with additional visual effects to make your pictures more attractive and good-looking. Thank You!