Facebook is a great social media platform for users who more likely to share their pictures, thoughts, memories, videos, etc., with their friends. So FB provides a way where users can easily create their accounts and connect with friends worldwide. Facebook has many features, and one of the best features is you can make your photos private on Facebook on both the mobile and website versions on Facebook. Putting photos on your Facebook album is easy, but keeping those photos protected from other users is another matter. So this blog will show you the best procedure to make pictures private on Facebook.

Millions of users share photos on Facebook with their friends. When you post pictures on it, Facebook makes all photos & albums public by default, which means anyone can see them. But now Facebook has changed its privacy settings so you can modify the settings as per your need. You can take all the privacy control in your hand as you can decide which audiences can see your photos or not and make your photo settings Only me, friends, and everyone as you wish. Remember that you can’t edit the privacy options for photos, videos & albums that you didn’t upload to your profile.

How To Make Photos Private On Facebook

You must follow all the hassle-free below steps to make photos private on Facebook: –

Step 1. Open your Facebook Account by login with all your credentials, such as Your ID and Password.

Step 2. After this, your Newsfeed will appear on your Facebook Page. It would help if you moved your cursor towards your profile icon and hit on it.

Step 3. Then, it will open your Facebook timeline. To make pictures private on Facebook, you need to select the “Photo” option showing in the middle on the menu bar of the Facebook Page.

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Step 4. After selecting this, You need to bring your cursor towards the “Album” option showing on the left side of the panel.

Step 5. Then, to protect photos on Facebook, select any picture you want to private it.

Step 6. After that, when the picture opens up on your screen, select the ‘Edit” option showing on the right side of the image.

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Step 7. After that, edit its post privacy by tapping on the “Public” option on the sharing tab.

Step 8. After tapping on the “Edit privacy Post,” a page will follow up with the complete album.

Step 9. It would be best to choose the “Setting” tab showing on the top right side of the list of photos or albums.

Step 10. After tapping on the “Setting” bar, a drop-down list will be open on your screen.

You need to select the “Edit” option showing on the top third on the list.

Step 11. After choosing this option, A pop-up page will appear on your computer screen. You need to protect photos on Facebook by clicking on the “Public” option appearing at the bottom of the pop-up.

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Step 12. Choose Your “Public” Account to Friends or Close Friends. If you want to visible that particular album to only yourself, you require choosing the “Only Me” option.

Step 13. After that, Hit to the “Save Changes” option, and through this, you will make pictures private on Facebook.

That’s it! I hope this article may help find the best way to protect photos on Facebook. It’s a very useful feature that Facebook provides to you to make your photos private because whatever you post on Facebook which sees by worldwide users. So it’s necessary to apply this attribute for the cause security purpose. Thank You!