How to make twitch panels

Twitch is the leading platform for game lovers. It provides the best environment for stream videos and makes the connection to other communities Worldwide. You can play video games and chat with your favorite players. You can convey your personal information through the panel feature, located in the about me section, to visitors with worthy and useful information. Most users are not aware of creating Twitch panels. This article will cover all about make Twitch panels.

Panel feature provides two useful information to the viewers, first is all information about your brand, and second is to link them to useful information about you and your channel. So it would be best if you created Twitch panel. It is a very useful feature to share your information.

Your channel panel is one of the great ways to reach your goal, and you can share all your information to link to another social media account.

How to make twitch panels

To make Twitch panel, you must follow the below steps: –

Step 1. To make a twitch panel, login into your twitch account by typing https://www.twitch.tvon your web browser

Step 2. Click on the Avatar icon on the top right of the screen.

Step 3. From the context menu, select “channel.”

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Step 4. There is a toggle button, “Edit Panels,” turn it on. It will turn to green color once toggled on.

Step 5. The edit window opens at the bottom of the screen.

Step 6. To create the panel, click the “+” sign inside the window.

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Step 7. The following screen appears on selecting the “+” sign.

Step 8. Click on “Add a Text or Image Panel. A screen appears where you can enter the details for your panel to create.

Step 9. Enter the desired details.

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Step 10. Click the Submit button.

Step 11. Now to view the newly created panel, toggle off the Edit Panel button. As soon as the toggle button turns off, you can see the finished panel.

In this way, you can create twitch panels.

That’s it! I hope this article may help you to find the best solution to create Twitch panels. Thank You!

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