How to network on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the best social media platform for professionals. LinkedIn provides the facility to make connections worldwide. Previously people have faced so many challenges to building the connection with the others. But now, users can create networks anytime, anywhere from their laptop or mobile phone. LinkedIn gives you higher references of your former co-worker, renowned people of your industry. So, you can take the lead about them by LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has 490 billion users worldwide now, and you can take the idea about the richness of this platform. You can find the best opportunity for your desired jobs. The main reason is why LinkedIn is so famous, because of Networking, you can easily make network with your famous industry people that you would’ve never had the chance to meet with them at the personal level. So this article is for you with the best method to create a network on LinkedIn.

How to network on LinkedIn

You must follow the below steps to make network on LinkedIn: –

Step 1. Log in to your LinkedIn account and click on My Network.

Step 2. Click Accept on the invitations to build your network on LinkedIn.

Step 3. Click on Connect to send invitations to anyone that you may know, as suggested by LinkedIn.

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Step 4. Click on Continue to connect to more people and create a network on LinkedIn.

Step 5.Select the people you recognize and want to connect with them.

Step 6. Click on Add connections.

Step 7. Click on the email ids you recognize and want to connect.

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Step 8. Click on Add to Network to finish creating a Network.

That’s it! I hope this article may help you find the best way to build a network on LinkedIn. Thank You!

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