Facebook is one of the top social media platforms where users like to spend their free time sharing posts like- photos, videos & audios, stories, and scrolling reel videos. Facebook provides a chat facility with your friends. You can share and receive text, emojis, GIFs messages with each other. Facebook has its messaging app called “Messenger”. Sometimes happen that you’ve lost chat with your friends, and you need it right now. But you’ve tried so many tricks, but nothing worked. So this blog provides you a perfect method to recover deleted Facebook messages.

It could be annoying if you’ve missed your important chats with someone, especially when you know that recovering them will be a tough task. If you’ve recently deleted some messages with your Facebook friends so you can take the help of other resources to get them back. Unfortunately, Facebook doesn’t give any specific in-built feature to recover deleted messages due to Facebook restrict policies. Still, there are other things you can do to recover those messages.

How to recover deleted Facebook messages

You must follow the below steps to recover deleted Facebook messages: –

Step 1: A message, once deleted, cannot be restored using the normal restoration process. However, you can acquire a copy of the messages sent or received. To recover deleted Facebook messages, you need to head over to the “Settings” section.

Step 2: As you enter the settings option, you can see the section named “Your Facebook Information.” Now click on the same to proceed forward in the process of delete Facebook message recovery.

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Step 3: Now click on the view button next to the “Download Your Information” section. It will take you to a new window that helps you align your choices for the information to download.

Step 4: As you enter the new page, you can select the “Data Range,” “Data Format,” and “Media Quality” for the data you require. In this case, it’s your message.

Step 5: Now, to restore Facebook messages, you need to uncheck all other options if you do not require the data and click over the “Messages” option.

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Step 6: Once you have done selecting the categories for data requirement, you will receive the same in the selected format after you click over the “Create File” option. Post clicking, you will get this message, so wait for the same till Facebook compiles all the data you require.

That’s it! I hope this article may help find the best way to recover deleted Facebook messages. You can recover your deleted messages using the above method because, on Facebook, you can’t find any specific feature to get those chats back. Thank You!