How to See Friendship on Facebook

Do you want to see Friendship with other friends on Facebook? Facebook Friendship page allows you to see all the details of your and your friend on Facebook. You can see mutual friends, Likes, Comments exchanged b/w you two and photos wherein both are tagged. But, how to see friendship on Facebook?

You can easily see the Friendship Page on Facebook by going through your friends Timeline. Yes, You will get an option to see all the mutual details. Let’s see how to see Friendship on Facebook?

How To See Friendship on Facebook

Steps are pretty simple and straightforward. Just follow as explained below:-

Step 1: If you want to view a friendship on Facebook with any particular person in your friend list, then first you need to login to your Facebook account and go to the search box.

After clicking on the search tab, you have to write his name and click on the search symbol as shown below where you will see all the results.

Step 2: In the next step to see his friendship on Facebook with you need to click on his profile shown in the searched list in order to open his profile and see his friendship on Facebook.

Step 3: After clicking on his profile you will automatically directed to the window where you will see a tab with three horizontal dots together next to the message box. Now, you have to click on these dots.

Step 4: In the next step, you will see a tab where ‘See Friendship’ is written and you need to click on that which will direct to you to another window.

Step 5: In the end, you will see your friendship on Facebook with your Friend including the date and posts made by him on your timeline.

That’s it.

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