Twitch is the leading online streaming platform for gamers. It allows you to create your channel. You can watch and chat with millions of followers worldwide. You can play games with other community users and interact with them. You must create healthy content to gain audience interaction, and it’s the best way to add more followers. The twitch chat platform lets you make your content via live streaming. Twitch has one of the features you can chat about while playing games. If you want to do this in the same way, this article will show you the best method to see Twitch chat while streaming.

Twitch chat is one of the most famous features as it provides communication between the creator and the viewer. Are you the gamer who likes to chat while playing? So here is the way by you can easily read and respond to the messages of the followers. You may think that you’ll need two separate monitors to make communication. One is for live streaming and another one for a chat with fans. Well, this can be more stressful. But You can do Twitch chats and stream simultaneously with one monitor, you’ll not require a second monitor for doing this process.

How to see twitch chat while streaming

You must follow the below process to view Twitch chat while streaming: –

Step 1. Go to on your internet browser and download OBS studio as per your Operating System. Extract and install the app from the downloaded file and launch the program.

Step 2. If you already have the program installed on your computer, go to the search bar on your Windows 10 PC/Laptop and type OBS. The first option that appears is of the OBS Studio, as shown below. Click on it.

Step 3. Select “Setting” from the bottom right of the screen.

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Step 4. The Settings window opens up as shown below. From here, select “Stream” from the left panel.

Step 5. In the right panel, you will get an option to connect your OBS to your twitch account. Select “Twitch” in the Service and then select the “Connect Account” button.

Step 6. A window opens for you to enter the log-in details of your twitch account. Enter the credentials and click on “Log in.”

Step 7. Once you log in, select the “Apply button” from the bottom of the Settings window.

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Step 8. Once it has done, the chat window opens up on the right side.

Step 9. Press the OK button of the settings window.

The user will now see twitch chat while streaming.

That’s it! I hope this article may help find the best way to view Twitch chat while streaming. Thank You!