How to See Who Likes Your Facebook Page

On Facebook, if you have your own Facebook Page and likes on that page, you definitely want to know who else likes your Facebook Page. Facebook allows you to see details who have like your Facebook page. For this, you must know where to look and get the details. So, where to see Who likes your Facebook Page?

From your Facebook Page settings, you can get all the details related to your Facebook Page. Here you will get the steps on how to see Who likes your Facebook Page. Let’s start.

How to See Who Likes Your Facebook Page

Steps are very simple, just follow the steps as given below:

Step-1: In order to see who likes your Facebook page, you need to click on the down arrow located on the right-hand upper corner of the Facebook account. Now you can see all the pages you own. Choose any one and click over the same to open the page.

If you do not have a Facebook page, you can easily create one with the simple steps listed by us on this website. Additionally, you can also check out the ways to invite your friends to like the Facebook page.

Step-2:  After you see your page, click on the settings option located on the top-right corner of the same. Clicking on this button will take you inside the settings page.

Step-3: The next step to view likes on the Facebook page is to click on the “People and other pages”.

Step-4: When you click the “People and Other Pages” option, you can see the list of people that like your page. If you want to see page likes on Facebook for any individual person, you can type his/her name on the search bar shown below.

This will show you whether or not, the person you are looking for has liked your page.

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