Discord is one of the voice, video, and text chat app uses by millions of people who want to communicate and hang out with their friends and communities. Discord plays a most important role in sending and receiving messages during play games if you ever play games online. It’s the best place for gamers who wants to stay connected while playing games with their group members. But sometimes, you want to log out of your Discord account. Reasons might be anything such as you may get bored, or want to use some other chat apps, then this blog will guide you in terms of sign out the Discord.

It’s a very easy task to log in on Discord, but it’s quite complex to log out of your account on Discord with the different user interface. Most users stay logged in on their account on other devices like- PC or mobile. So you can easily log out Discord account from all your devices, but one condition is, your account isn’t using on a device that is not yours. If you want to log out of your Discord account remotely, you can do it.

How to sign out of discord

You must follow the below steps to sign out Discord account: –

Step 1. From the bottom of the screen, select the “Settings” icon next to your name and avatar icon.

Step 2. The Settings window opens.

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Step 3. Scroll down the settings, and select “Logout” from the left panel of the screen.

That’s it! I hope this article may help to find the best way to log out of the Discord account. Thank You!