How to Stay Signed in to Gmail

Gmail is a free mail service introduced by GOOGLE. It provides a facility for sending and receiving emails on the internet. Most users are facing a big problem to keep entering your Gmail logins every time. If you’re not friendly about Gmail’s technical issues, you can find yourself in trouble later.

Especially in those conditions when Your work is regarding Gmail, it becomes a hectic process to type login ID and Password every time. If you’re finding the solution to this problem, but you don’t have sufficient knowledge about it. Hence, this article will teach you the easiest way to stay signed in to Gmail. Let’s check out in detail.

How To Stay Signed In To Gmail

In today’s time, most websites provide you an option to keep the sign-in to your account for more get services. It becomes the easiest way to multi-tasking in a small business. It can be more helpful in terms of less time consumption and keep the focus on your work. It would help if you allowed the Gmail site’s local data to set in your Chrome or any other browser’s cookie settings. When you are permitted Chrome to store the Gmail website’s cookies, that will keep you signed in on Gmail, and you don’t need to re-type the Gmail credentials again and again.

The steps are pretty simple and straightforward. Just check out these steps to stay signed in to Gmail:

Step 1. Launch the Google Chrome browser on your device, and from the top of the browser, select the icon represented by three vertical dots.

Step 2. Click on the “Settings” option here and scroll down to select “Advanced” settings.

Step 3. From the Advanced settings option, navigate through the given options and click on “Privacy Settings.”

Step 4. Proceed further by clicking on the “Cookies” option from here.

Step 5. You will have to enable “Allow sites to save and read cookie data” by moving the slider to the right.

Step 6. Once you do this, go back to the browser’s main screen and click on the three vertical dots again.

Step 7. Scroll through the options in the drop-down menu, go to “More tools,” and then select “Clear browsing data…”.

Alternatively, you can also press “Ctrl + Shift + Del” on your computer or laptop’s keyboard.

Step 8. From the drop-down menu, which appears on clicking “Time range,” select “All time,” and check all the boxes given below, and click on “Clear data.”

Step 9. If you are using the 2-Step Verification for your Gmail account, make sure that the computer or device you use to add your Trusted Computers in your Gmail account.

That’s it! I hope this article may help find the best way to Stay Signed In To Gmail. Gmail has an in-built feature to keep login on it. You need to enable some options shown above and set your settings accordingly, and then your Gmail account will automatically stay sign in to you. Thank You!

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