Twitch has become one of the popular platforms for gamers. It includes everything now from cooking shows, live music, painting sessions, etc. So it’s more than just a place to play and watch games. You can create your channel and easily communicate with millions of fans from worldwide.

Twitch gives you a better opportunity to streaming your videos if you want to showcase your art skills. Anyone can become a Twitch streamer, and you need to create your channel to posting your streams. Most users in this world don’t have any idea about how to stream on Twitch. Suppose you’re also in the same queue, so this blog is for you.

How to Stream on Twitch

Twitch is available with its many features. You can stream from your laptop, PC, console, or smartphone. You can go live right away and explore its various tools. If you want to make your stream famous or attractive, there is a load of tools for both Mac or PC with extraordinary services. Some requirements to stream on Twitch are as follow: –

  • PCs are perfect for streaming
  • Webcam for connecting to your audience
  • Microphone

So whether you’re looking to try out streaming for fun or earning money, you can easily do it. Here is everything you need to know for how to Twitch stream. 

You must follow the below steps to stream on Twitch: –

Step 1. To stream on Twitch, you will require broadcasting software like OBS. First, download this software from here and install it on your system. Launch OBS and select “Settings” from the OBS software.

Step 2. From the Settings window, select “Stream.”

Step 3. Select “Twitch” as a service.

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Step 4. Select the option “Start Streaming” from Controls, and the streaming starts.


That’s it! I hope this article may help find the best way to stream on Twitch. Thank You