How To Tag Someone On Facebook

Facebook is the leading social media platform that allows you to contact worldwide friends. You can easily create your Facebook account and use it. Facebook allows you to share pictures, stories, videos, memories, and make comments, likes, share with your FB friends. Facebook has many features, but one of the features is you can easily tag people on Facebook. Most users don’t have much idea about it. So this blog will show you the best approach to tag someone on Facebook.

Facebook gives you a big opportunity to share your best and funny or every special moment with your friend by tagging them. Once you add your friend’s name in your post instantly, they’ll get a notification regarding it. You can tag both friends and pages in your Facebook status. There are a couple of ways to tag your Facebook friends both on desktop and in the mobile app. 

Whether you go for a movie with your friends, or you are writing a post for your friends and family, there are several occasions when you want to show that you’re currently with them, so tagging friends is the best way to call their attention to something that you want them to see.

How To Tag Someone On Facebook

Follow below provided necessary and straightforward steps to tag someone on Facebook:

In Desktop

Step 1. On the first step, you need to open your Facebook Account by log in your credentials, such as Your ID And Password.

Step 2. You need to bring your cursor towards your profile name, showing in the top middle of your Facebook account.

Step 3. Then, your Facebook Timeline will be open on your screen. You need to scroll your timeline and select the picture or album by tapping on the album’s right side for Facebook Tagging.

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Step 4. After choosing an image to tag people on Facebook, a drop-down list will open up on your screen. You need to select the “Edit” option.

Step 5. Then, A pop-up image will appear on your Facebook timeline. You have to choose the “Tag People” tab for tagging someone on Facebook.

Step 6. After hitting on it, A dialog box will appear asking for the person you want to tag on Facebook.

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Step 7. After selecting someone for Facebook tagging, select the “Save” option.

In Mobile

Step 1. Open Your Facebook App on your Smartphone. After that, login in with your ID and password.

Step 2. After that, the news feed will flow on the Facebook Page. You need to select the “Setting bar” tab showing on the top-right side of the Facebook page.

Step 3. After that, touch on the “View Your Profile” section appearing on the Facebook page’s top.

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Step 4. It will open your Facebook Account Timeline. You need to scroll your timeline and select the picture setting icon showing “Three Dots” on the top of the album to tag someone on Facebook.

Step 5. Then, A drop-down list will open. It would help if you chose the “Edit” option appearing in the top third number on the list.

Step 6. After that, touch on the icon section showing at the bottom of the page. After touching it, A list will appear. You have to select “Tag People” for Facebook tagging.

Step 7. Then, A page will become up with various suggestions and all friends on your list. It would be best if you ticked the box; you want to tag on Facebook.

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Step 8. After selecting people for Facebook tagging, hit the “Done” tab appearing on the top-right side of the Facebook Page.

Step 9. You may choose up to 50 people for the same photo to tag on Facebook.

That’s it! I hope this article may help find the best way to tag people on Facebook. Facebook lets you re-cheer your moments with your Facebook friends in which they were with you by tagging their names in your posts or stories on Facebook. Thank You!

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