Facebook is the leading social media platform that allows you to contact worldwide friends. You can share pictures, stories, videos, memories, etc., and other facilities such as comments, likes, replies, and chats with your friends. As Facebook has many features, one of the great features is you can turn off comments of other users who are spreading negative and false comments on your post that could lead to being one of the reasons to ruin your social status on Facebook. So it’s important to know hide comments on Facebook. It’ll be tricky because Facebook doesn’t provide a direct method to get rid of comments on your post. So this blog will show you the best approach to turn off comments on the Facebook post.

Facebook is using by millions of people, and every user has their own opinion for the particular situation. Whatever you post on Facebook which accessible by other users, anybody can comment anything on it. It may lead to trolling, criticism, abusive, or full of negative communication forms on your Facebook page. When you feel something like it, you can do simple things with disable comments on the Facebook post. But it’s not easy to turn off comments on your post, which means you’ll have to get creative to take control of your privacy and content.

How To Turn Off Comments On Facebook Post

You must follow the below simple steps to Disable Comments On Facebook Post: –

Step 1. Log in to your Facebook Account with the necessary credentials like your email ID and Password.

Step 2. It will open your news feed in your Facebook account. It would help if you moved your cursor towards the “setting” option showing in the top right of the page.

Step 3. Then click on it. A drop-down list will be appearing on your computer screen.

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Step 4. To disable comments on the Facebook post, You need to choose “Settings” to appear at the last second in the list. After that, A page will show up having “General Account Settings.”

Step 5. You need to bring your cursor towards the left panel of the Facebook page and select the “Public Post” option.

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Step 6. After selecting it, a new page will be appearing regarding “Public Post Filters and Tools” settings.

Step 7. You need to choose to hit the “Public Post Comments” option where Facebook asks you to “Who can comment on your public posts?”

Step 8. You need to bring your cursor to the “Edit” option and click “Friends” on it.

Step 9. You may also change other public post settings according to your wish. By following this procedure, you can limit to stop comments on the Facebook post.

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Step 10. There is no official or direct way to Turn Off Comments On Facebook posts. It’s the only way you can limit comments on the Facebook post.

That’s it! I hope this article may help find the best way to stop comments on the Facebook post. A comment is a way to give feedback on the post and a very useful thing if you do it correctly. Still, some users do bullshit talks, use abusive words, and do unavoidable behavior; thus, you’ll love to hide those comments. Thank You!