Facebook is one of the leading social media platforms where you can create your account and connect with friends from all over the world. Facebook has immense power to get popularity for your channel, brands, or your FB page. You can share the post, images, videos & audios, etc., with your friends and followers. Facebook has great features, and one of its important features is you can disable Facebook notifications anytime. Sometimes you got activated the show notification option by mistake, and after being so irritated, you might want to close this option. But they don’t know how to turn off this process. So this blog will show you the best approach to turn off Facebook notifications on Chrome.

Yes, Facebook lets you permit to close the notification option anytime by using some simple method. Maybe you’ve added in some Facebook groups, or you’re tired up by getting so many notifications or got on your phone. Nevertheless, you don’t want to block them or hurt their feelings, but you do one thing mute the notifications without leaving groups. When you’re getting all these social notifications during your work can be annoying and distracting. As a result, you get frustrated by listening to all-time notification beeps and can’t concentrate on your work. Hence, you can easily Facebook notifications off in Chrome by following quick steps.

How to Turn Off Facebook Notifications on Chrome

Easy Steps to Turn Off Facebook Notifications on Chrome:

Step 1. Give your Email Id and Password when Facebook’s “Login” page opens (If you are not already login).

Step 2. After that, click on the “Log In” button, or you can press Enter in your keyword.

Step 3. Click on the Inverted Triangle beside the Quick Help menu in the Menu Bar.

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Step 4. A drop-down menu list will open up.

Step 5. Left Click on “Settings.”

Step 6. Here on the left-hand side, there will be a “Notifications” menu with a globe symbol, among others—Left-click on it.

Step 7. The “Notifications Settings” open up. To disable Facebook notifications on Chrome, you have to first click on the “Desktop and Mobile” settings which have a mobile symbol beside it, or click on “Edit” beside “Desktop and Mobile” settings.

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Step 8. If you are on your desktop, you will find the following details under “Desktop and Mobile” settings.

Step 9. You can turn Facebook notifications off in Chrome on your desktop by left-clicking the “Turn Off” button at the right. You will not receive any further Facebook notifications in Chrome.

That’s it! I hope this article may help find the best way to disable Facebook notifications on Chrome. If you’re getting so many notifications on your Facebook- you can deactivate notifications easily. Facebook provides a wonderful option to turn off notifications on Facebook.