Facebook is the leading and big social media platform that enables you to contact worldwide friends. You can share pictures, stories, videos, memories, etc. Initially, Facebook was using for chatting and sharing photos with friends- as time is passing Facebook has attracted its users by providing additional best services to use this platform efficiently. One of the finest features is that it allows to turn on or off location on Facebook easily. While there are several reasons to let your Facebook app track your location, you can also turn off your tracking location on your Facebook app on an android device. So this blog provides you the best method to Turn Off Location on Facebook.

Many apps use your personal information like- your phone contacts and location to improve your app experience and add influence ads, tags in posts, and so on. Facebook comes in the same category, which wants to track every user’s location. But average people don’t like to share their location with Facebook, and they feel uncomfortable in it.

Because when you always keep turn on your location, it may affect your privacy or catch by the bad users by precisely tracking your location. Keep turning on your location while using the app can be harmful to you. So now, you may want to shut down your location tracking service. Hence, you can manually turn off your location on Facebook.

How To Turn Off Location On Facebook

To Disable location in Facebook App for your Android device:

Step 1. Go to Settings of the Android Device

Step 2. Find The Option: Security and Location. Tap on it.

Step 3. Now, Click on Location. A Toggle Key would be on the screen.

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Step 4. Single Tap on the toggle key to turn Location Services off. The Blue color of the Toggle Key will Change to Grey.

NOTE: In Android Handsets of Android Version of OS 5.1.1 and older, turning off GPS Services automatically result in FB location turn off.

For Switching off Location Access Permission for Android Versions of 6.0 and Higher:

Step 1. Go to Settings of the Android Device.

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Step 2. Select the menu “Apps” from the Setting Menu List.

Step 3. When a further menu opens, Select App Permissions. Go to Location.

Step 4. Tap on the Location option. Start Scanning through the List of Apps with GPS Access Enabled.

Step 5. Tap on Facebook. Switch the Location Permission Off.

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Step 6. Restart the Application. The Location would Be Disabled for Facebook.

NOTE: Location Services for Facebook are only available on a mobile Android or iOS device.

That’s it! I hope this article may help find the best way to disable location on Facebook. Facebook provides a facility to turn on/off your location manually. If you don’t like to turn on the location, you can easily disable the location tracking feature. Thank You!