How To Turn Your Android Device Into A Security Camera

If you want to monitor at your home or office while you are away so, in this condition, you don’t need to spend a dime on the CCTV camera. You can spy at your home through your old or new Android phone. Buying a new Android phone is an exciting thing. Especially you are coming from a phone which is just 2 or fewer years old without any much defect. What will you do with your old Android phone? Maybe you could sell it and trade in it for some extra cash. But when you sell your old phone, it may not be profitable because you will not get much from the buyer.

So instead of selling it, you can do many better and creative things with it. One of the best useful ways is to upcycle an old phone and convert it into a CCTV camera for the security of your home or offices. So in this blog, you will see the best security camera app for Android mobile.

You can create a camera that connects with your phone by using some more things without investing a dime. It prevents purchasing brand new CCTV cameras to fulfill the security purpose. However, you have an old phone that is doing nothing rather gathering dust around, an old tablet that has lost its luster, or an Android stick with a webcam, you can turn it in to always on. So here’s a way to turn an old android phone into a security camera.

When you go to Google Play Store and quick search over there, you will find several apps that allow doing this. One of the most popular apps on the Google PlayStore is ‘Alfred.’ This app has over 10 million downloads and a 4.7 Star rating on the PlayStore. Alfred is an immensely powerful app with popularity. BY using this app, you can turn your phone into a makeshift camera. Further, discuss anything else firstly, you need to get it set up.

How to set up your camera and viewer: –

Whatever security camera you download from the Google PlayStore, you need two smartphones to complete the system. Your old phone will act as a camera, and your new/current phone will act as a viewfinder or control panel.

How To Turn Your Android Device Into A Security Camera

You must follow the below steps to build a spy camera with the use of an old phone camera are as follow: –

You can set up a camera and viewfinder in any order, but here you will be Alfred’s camera portion and Alfred viewfinder.

Step1. First of all, you need to download the Alfred app from Google PlayStore.

Step2. Then open the Alfred app on your old phone. And select Viewer and tap Next.

Step3. Now, this app will ask you to log in to your Google account.

Step4. In this step, you need to select the Use of Alfred camera, but you don’t want to do it now. So you can skip this section by clicking on the Skip option in the upper-right corner.

Step5. Now tap on the Camera option.

Step6. Then notification will appear- tap on the OK button.

Step7. Tap on Allow to allow camera access.

Step8. Tap on Allow to allow microphone access.

Step9. Now open your new phone, repeat the same above steps, but instead of selecting Camera, select Viewer. And make sure you sign into the same Google account.

Step10. Getting Alfred set up on your phone is very easy, but you are all good to go once you are all good.

That’s it! I hope this article may help find the best way to turn your Android device into a security camera. You can easily make a CCTV camera at home with your old phone without investing the money to buy a new security camera. While using this creative idea, you may realize how useful, effective, and 0 cost thing you are using. Thank You!

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