How to Unsend and Delete Snapchat Message

To delete messages on snapchat you can follow the below-provided steps. These will decently help you to remove messages on snapchat.

How to Unsend and Delete Snapchat Message

Step 1. In the very first step, to delete Snapchat Messages, you have to open the Snapchat application, available in your phone.

Step 2. After opening the snapchat application, you are required to go to your profile by hitting on the bitmoji, available at the top left.

Step 3. Here on the new page you numerous options are visible but you need to hit on “Settings” tab, available at the top right as visible in the image given below:-

Step 4. Now you will be directed to the next window, having various settings links but you need to follow the “ACCOUNT ACTION” tab and from the drop-down list of it you should select “Clear Conversation” tab.

Step 5. The names of chatters will be visible on your digital screen as:

Step 6. You should hit on “Cross” sign in front of that person name, whose chat you want to delete.

Step 7. Massages or conversation of that chat would be removed in few seconds

Step 8. Now you should go back to the massage section to check if the messages have been deleted.

That’s it.

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