YouTube is the second most visited video-based social media platform. Earlier, YouTube was known for its online video streaming feature. But as many users keep interacting with YouTube as they have more experienced its multiple useful features. If you want to take advantage of YouTube, it is necessary to verify the YouTube account to increase the chances of adding more fans following your account, earning more money, etc. This blog will show how to confirm your YouTube account.

After verifying your YouTube account, you are eligible to use its many features. You can enhance your experience and improve your channel by applying its more features like- online video streaming, creating your channel, live streaming, uploading videos more than 15 minutes, content ID appeals, etc. If You want to use these above features, so you must verify your YouTube account.

How to verify YouTube account

You must follow the below steps to verify account on YouTube: –

Step 1. First, Browse to https.//

Step 2. You’ll have two ways to verify. Either call or text when you decide to verify your YouTube account.

How to verify YouTube account

Step 3. You can choose either option. Here we have selected to verify by text to confirm the YouTube account. You’ll have to provide your phone number and then click submit, as shown below.

How to verify YouTube account

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Step 4. The verification code will send to the number, which you will have to type in the field.How to verify YouTube account

Step 5. After successfully submitting the code, your account will verify. That is how you can easily verify your account on YouTube.

How to verify YouTube account

That’s it! I hope this article may help find the best way to verify your YouTube account. Thank You!