The Instagram story plays an important role in Instagram. You can share one or more stories at the same time. Instagram lets you post many things like- audio, video, images, gifs, etc. You can do live streaming through the Instagram story. Some users use a computer to surfing social media. Now Instagram is rolling its one more feature that you can access your Instagram from your computer.

Instagram has started working on its desktop website, and it’s trying to provide the same mobile app facility on your computer. But now you can do several things on the desktop website. This article will show you the best process to view Instagram stories on the web.

The Instagram desktop website provides a close mirror look of the app. You can chat with your friends, watch feeds and stories. Officially, you can’t post photos to your feed and add a story from your computer. Instagram is currently working on these things.

How To View Instagram Stories On Web

Everything browses on your mobile app, and you can also browse on the website. You can click on Explore button to see what’s new trending on Instagram or the Heart icon to view all your notifications. You’ll find the story section on the right. You have to click on the profile to view the person’s story, and automatically it will move to the next story or directly click on the right side.

You can also watch Instagram Live videos from the computer. When you watch live videos on the computer, it feels like a better experience than mobile because comments show on the side of the video rather than the bottom of it, as they do on the mobile app. In this way, you can view Instagram stories on the web.

To see the Instagram stories on the web, you need to go through the steps stated below. Please have a look..!!

Step 1. Firstly, you need to open the chrome browser on your computer and search the chrome web store.

Step 2. After that, you should open the first link to download the extension.

Step 3. Then you are required to enter the chrome IG story in the search box, which situates on the left side of the page.

Step 4. Now, you have to search for the extension of the Chrome IG story and click on it

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Step 5. Then click on the ‘add to chrome’ button.

Step 6. Now, you should press the Add extension button.

Step 7. After that, you have to open the Instagram account by visiting the official website.

Step 8. Then click on the extension icon, and you can see the stories of your friends and family members.

Step 9. If you want to search through username, hashtag, or place, you can search it from the search box.

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Step 10. Now you can view the Instagram stories on the web.

That’s it! I hope this article may help find the best way to see Instagram stories on the web. Thank You!