Have you ever lost your data on Hard Disk, Memory Card or USB Device (Pen Drive) etc. due to some Virus attack??? This sudden loss of your important data may hamper your work & affect your work in some way if you don’t know the way, how to recover files/data infected with Virus.

❥ Do You Know?

There are various recovery tools available to get back the hidden or lost files, like EaseUS data recovery software or much more. But, Here, we will discuss the basic solution to get back your data without downloading or using any third party tool or software.

YES, by using “Command Prompt” on your system, you can also recover the files hidden/lost infected with Virus.  This method is very easy & very handy and can perform immediately.

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Let’s take a look at step-by-step procedure:

Solution: By Using Command Prompt (CMD)

Step 1. First Connect your Storage Device (Hard Disk, Memory Card, USB Drive) with your system.

Step 2. Here we will recover hidden files from a USB Drive having Drive Name (J:).

Step 3. To open Command Prompt: (i) Go to “Windows key + R”  and type “CMD”  or (ii) Click on Start Button, type “Command Prompt” and open it.

Step 4.  A window of Command Prompt will be open. Now, enter the command :

“ATTRIB -A -R -S -H /S /D  Drive_Letter:/*.* “

Here: Drive letter is “J:” so the command would be:

“ATTRIB -A -R -S -H /S /D  J:/*.* “

Step 5. Now, It will take time according to the size of your drive. So, just wait few minutes, it will show you the all the files/data which was hidden due to the virus.

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