After Sending a Secret or any Message over an instant messaging app like WhatsApp, Facebook or alike apps, you loose control over it. If you want to safe & secure than it requires Best Encrypted Messaging App or Self-Destructing messaging app which can destroy the sent message after the set time period or a number of views.

OR we can say a messaging app which can create Self-Destructing Message. There are various apps available but we are come up with one of the Best Self-Destructing Message App – “KABOOM”.

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KABOOM is available for Both Android and iOS devices on their respective App Store so you can use this app on your Android devices as well as iPhone.

So let’s discuss the following points in this article:

1. “KABOOM” Features
2. Send Self-Destructive Message on WhatsApp
3. Watch: Live Step By Step Video Tutorial

1. “KABOOM” Features

Kaboom -Send Self Destructing Message in WhatsappKaboom is one of the Best “Self Destructive Message Apps” for iPhone & Android device. The main features of “KABOOM” app are as under:

  • You can share any type of message, it can be text, photos, videos.
  • You can instantly share your secret message with Instant Messaging App like “Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter or in SMS, E-mail etc.
  • No Sign-Up or Registration required, Just open it & share your message via Kaboom.
  • To view the secure message, the recipient does not require to install this app on their phone.
  • You can restrict or control your secure message with  “period of Time e.g. Seconds, Minutes, Hour, Day” OR “No. of Views”.
  • You can track your secure message whether it is destructed or not.

2. Send Self-Destructive Message on WhatsApp

As mentioned above, you can use this app for sending a self-destructive message on various  Messaging app. In this article, we are gonna discuss only for “WhatsApp”. So let’s see step by step procedure:

Step 1: First Click Here to download this App  & Install it on your Smartphone.

Step 2: After First-time installation, Allow this app to access Camera Roll and Gallary of your device. By which, you can share & send your Images/Videos from your device via this app.

Send Self-Destructing Text Messaging App

Step 3: So, when you open this App, every time, it will open Camera Screen First. On that Screen, you will get 3 option of sending a message, as shown in Image No. of above GIF Image:-

  • Select Media files from Gallary from “Bottom Left Corner” icon
  • Snap Pic from Camera From “Bottom Centre” icon
  • Pencil icon to write a Text Message from “Bottom Right Corner”

Step 4: In this article, we are going by Clicking on “Pencil Icon” and sending a message to Other WhatsApp Account.

Note: If you don’t know, How To Open/Run Multiple WhatsApp account Simultaneously In Single Device, Click Here to Get it Right Now.

Send Self-Destructing Text Messaging App

Step 5: Now the Most important thing is to set the condition on your message, as a Timer or No. of Views. So to set, Go to “Blue Circle Timer” icon at the Bottom Left Corner and select the time or no. of views for your message and Click on “Send” icon on the Top Right Corner.

Step 6: Now, Message has been sent, Recipient will receive this message in the form of a “Link” as shown in Image no. 1 of below GIF, To view your secret message, recipient have to just click on it and it will directly open in default browser. From the time of opening it, the Timer will start automatically.

Send Self-Destructing Text Messaging App

Step 7: After the time got expired, in the case of “Timer”, your message also got expired immediately. Just Watch Live Video Tutorial for Full Practical info Here:

3. Watch: Live Step By Step Video Tutorial

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