WhatsApp is the best instant messaging Apps used for personal as well as business/official purpose. WhatsApp has also launched a WhatsApp Business App with some additional features to maintain personal or business accounts easily. Every time you may not reply to every incoming WhatsApp message of your customers.

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In this scenario, How it will be good for your business, If sender/customer will get an immediate reply? Yes, we can send an auto-reply to WhatsApp message with the help of automated apps specially developed for WhatsApp. There are various apps through which you can set auto-reply to every incoming WhatsApp Message. Let’s check out:

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How To Send Auto Reply To WhatsApp Message

Here we gonna see 3 best apps to send an auto-reply to Whatsapp Message in Android Device. The Best part of using these apps is that after sending the auto-reply your Last Seen status on Whatsapp will not gonna update/change. Let’s see what are these apps and how to use them:

#1. AutoResponder for WhatsApp – Auto Reply Bot (Beta)

AutoResponder for WhatsApp is one of the Best apps to send an automated reply to specific and customize messages. It’s your Auto Reply WhatsApp Bot, you can set for what message, what it should reply. You can also schedule or delay these auto reply & exclude any contacts or Group.

Steps to use this app is pretty simple. Just follow as given below:

Step 1: First Download & Install: AutoResponder For WhatsApp from Google Play Store on your Android Device.

Step 2: Open this app & give the required Notification Access to this for proper working.

AutoResponder for Whatsapp Auto reply to WhatsApp message

Step 3: Now on the welcome screen, Just tap on ‘+’ icon from Bottom-Right Corner. On Next Screen, you have to create a Rule, Enter for what Received Message What auto reply should be sent.

For ex: If we get message ‘Hi’ [Received Message], then ‘Hello’ [Reply message] will automatically be sent as reply to the sender. Refer below image.

AutoResponder for Whatsapp Auto reply to WhatsApp message

Just Scroll the screen and you will also get other options for this Auto Reply [ Multiple Replies, Dealy in Reply etc.]

Step 4: In the below-given Image, You can see Created Rule and when ‘Hi’ message sent by a friend then ‘Hello’ message in reply is sent automatically and you can see it in the notification.

AutoResponder for Whatsapp Auto reply to WhatsApp message

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#2. AutoReply Wazzap

This is another simple and awesome app for sending an automatic reply to WhatsApp Messages. In this app, you have to set pre-defined response message for auto-replying.

Unlike the AutoResponder, you don’t have to set the ‘Received message’, rather it will reply to all received message. You can also set Auto-Reply threshold time for Contacts’ as well as ‘Groups’.

Steps are similar to above one.

Step 1: Download & Install: AutoReply Wazzap from Google Play Store.

Step 2: Grant it required Notification Access permission.

Step 3: Now from the main screen, you can set the Reply Text, it’s style and threshold time. You can set these settings for Contacts and Groups.

Autoreply Wazzap Sent Automatic reply to WhatsApp message

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#3. Auto-Reply for whats

Auto-Reply for Whats is another awesome app to set auto-reply message for WhatsApp. This app has its own specialty. In this app, you can set auto-reply message for a Contact or Custom Group of Contacts. In one tap you can exclude all the Groups and Unknown number from the list.

Steps are similar to above two Apps.

Step 1: Download & Install: Auto-Reply for Whats on your Android Device.

Step 2: Grant it required Notification Access to read the Notification so that it can reply to incoming Whatsapp Message.

Step 3: Set the Auto-Reply Message and if you wanna exclude Group or unknown Number, just do it in a single Tap.

Auto reply for Whats to send auto reply to WhatsApp message

These are the Best Apps which works perfectly. Every App has its own features. Try these apps and tell us in the Comments which one you like the most.

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