Cloud storage like Google Drive, Dropbox etc, makes our work easier, as we can access our files and folder from anywhere, any device. We also used to share files & folders from these online storage. Whenever you share any file or folder in Google Drive with your friends, the shareable link will remain active for good, until you manually change the sharing settings.

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Google doesn’t allow you to set an expiration time for any shared file or folder in your free Google Account. If you excessively use Google Drive to share files, then it becomes difficult to manage sharing permission for every shared file or folder. So, How it will be good if you can set Auto Expiration Dates for shared Google Drive Files? Let’s see how to do.


Here we will explain how you can set Auto Expiration timer for any shared file or folder. This can be done using an Open source Google API Script which is created by “Amit Agarwal (DI)” that works perfectly. Using this script, you can set expiration time from Hours to Years.

Let’s see how to use this one. Follow the simple steps given below OR Like to Watch Video Tutorial? Here You GO:

Step 1: First login to your Google Drive Account. After that, Click Here to get this Google Script. This will get opened in a new tab of your browser.

Step 2: This API will ask for Grant permission for accessing your Google Drive account. Just move forward and authorize it.

Step 3: Now, here you will get all process in 3 steps. First, select the file or folder which you want to share with others.

Step 4: Just Enter the one or more Email Id’s [comma separated] to whom you want to share files with “View”/”Edit” access.

 Set Auto Expiration Dates for Google Drive Files

Step 5: All is set up, its time to select the expiration time “Hours to Years” – 4 Hours, 6 Weeks, 5 Month, 2 Year. For ex: we have set up expiration time of 3 weeks and finally click on “Set Expiration” button and you are done!!! This will send the files with the timer you just set.

This Google Script will automatically revoke the access after the set Date & time. This App stores all links which you shared using it. In case, if you want to remove the timer from any link, then you can do it through this APP by just clicking on “Cancel” against any link.

It’s Cool !! Huhhh?? Its become easy to manage sharing permission with this small tool. You would also like to know:

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