We used to hide or password protects our files & folder in our System so that no other one can access it. If there so many files & folders then it is not a smart way to hide or lock each & every file & folder. One good option is that you can move all these files & folders in a drive and hide that drive from your computer.

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Yes, we can hide any hard drive in your Windows OS without using any extra utility. These hidden drives will not be visible to a normal user and thus you can hide/secure your confidential or private data. You should also read how you can recover Files From Virus Infected Device [USB Drive, Memory Card] Using Command Prompt.


In Windows, there are many ways to hide System Drive viz: Using Disk Management, Using Group Policy Editor, Using Registry and using Command Prompt. It is always advised to create Backup System Registry before Editing It, because if do anything wrong, it may affect system functionality. If we avoid editing in the Registry, then why it shouldn’t.

Here, we will discuss the 3 simple methods:

  1. Disk Management
  2. Local Group Policy Editor
  3. Command Prompt

All these methods are explained below, just follow steps OR PREFER To Watch Live Video Tutorial, HERE You GO:

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1. Hide Drive Using Disk Management

Just follow the simple steps given below:

Step 1: Right Click on My Computer –> “Manage”. ” Window of Computer Management” will get opened, On the right pan, click on “Storage” –> “Disk Management” OR You can directly use Shortcut key “diskmgmt.msc” in “Run window” (Windows key+R).

Step 2: Now, Select the Drive which you want to hide and Right Click on it –> Select “Change Drive Letter and Paths” –>Click on “Remove” button –> “YES”, as shown in GIF image given below:

Hide System Hard Drive In Windows Using Disk Management

Show Hidden Drive Using Disk Management:

To Again Show the hidden drive, Just again Right Click on the Drive from Disk Management–> “Change Drive Letter and Paths” –> Click on “ADD” –> Select the Radio Button “Assign the following Drive Letter” and choose the Drive Letter and finally Click on “Ok” button. Also, Refer below GIF Image:

Hide System Hard Drive In Windows Using Disk Management

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2. Hide Drive Using Group Policy Editor (gpedit.msc)

Just follow the simple steps given below:

Step 1: Open Run Window (Windows Key+ R) and type “gpedit.msc” followed by Enter.

Step 2: Now, Just navigate to the following path:

“User Configuration –> Administrative Templates–> Windows Components –> File Explorer”

In File Explorer, find “Hide These Specified Drives in My Computer” setting and open it. Now select “Enabled” Radio Button and from the bottom, select the Drive which you want to hide and Click on Apply & OK. Also, refer the GIF Image Given Below:

Hide System Hard Drive In Windows Using gpedit

Show Hidden Drive Using GPEDIT.MSC:

To show the hidden drives again, just again navigate to the above path and this time just select “Not Configured” radio button OR you may select “Do not restrict Device” from the bottom drop-down menu options. Once Done, click on Apply and Ok. The hidden drive will be visible. Also, refer Image no. 5 of above GIF Image.

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3. Hide Drive Using Command Prompt

Step 1: Open Run Window (Windows Key+ R) and type “cmd” followed by Enter.

Step 2: First Type Command “‘Diskpart” and Enter, it will open a separate cmd window of “diskpart.exe“.

Step 3: Now, Enter command “List Volume”, this command will show you all the drive with their volume no. & Label, size & type.

Step 4: Now, select the drive with command “select volume #No.”,which you want to hide. Here just replace the “#No.” with the Drive volume no. for example “2” for “E:” drive.

Step 5: Now, type “Remove Letter E”, here “E” is the letter of “Volume 2” and “E:” will get hidden.

Hide System Hard Drive In Windows Using Command Prompt

Show Hidden Drive Using CMD:

To show the hidden drive, follow the “Step No. 1 to 4” as explained above. use next command “Assign Letter E”, as shown in Image no. 4 of above GIF Image.

These are the simple 3 ways to Hide or show the System Drive in Windows 10/8/7/Vista OS. If you like this article & want to share your valuable opinion & suggestions, then please leave your love in the comment section below. Want More Tricky Article or Tutorial,  Be Connected with us by subscribing our YouTube Channel Facebook PageYou would also like to read:

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